Model H+ (Hiwatt/Dumble AIAB) (NEW 3-Knob!)


Product Description

The new Model H 3-Knob…just in time for BearFoot‘s 6th anniversary!

“[The popular Model H has been] updated so it will now go full clean! And it’s easier to get the dynamic clean to dirt with your pick pressure…sounds the Hiwatts are famous for! The ‘H’ could also stand for Howard as many users have found that it also has a Dumble feel and response that is accentuated in this revision.” ~ Donner

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BearFoot FX presents the ALL NEW Model H 3-Knob… new restacked gain stages give touch sensitive dirt response all the way down to clean.

See our original Model H for details, demos and reviews!


Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants

  • Good lawd! The bass response on this thing is a juggernaut! Balls for days. It is exactly how I imagine a big, burly Hiwatt sounds. I admit that I gravitate toward the dirtier sounds, but this thing sounded great at low gain, too. Honestly, you know what it reminded me of?–The Crowther Hotcake, but more refined and less fizz/fuzzy overtones. If I was playing through a Deluxe Reverb or just backlining somewhere, I could easily use this pedal as my base tone. I way say this though, through the rhythm/clean channel of my Budda Superdrive 18, the bass response was a bit much. The amp inherently is bassy. My bass knob is nearly off and it’s still pretty beefy. I spent the least time with this one and I intend to spend some more time with it to really gather my opinion completely, but if I had to say anything in simplified speech about its character, I’d say, “Hey, it’s the best Hiwatt in a box you’ll ever play through.”  (USA, April 2017)


  • Hmmmmmmm
    Is this my favorite one?
    Hadn’t tried any version prior. Did quite a bit of messing with this one, definitely got the most attention from me.
    First off, want to say I was surprised how full and clean this sounded at reasonable gain settings. Very common for me to stack a couple dirt boxes all set low-gain high-output. I spent a few comparing the H to an Archer Ikon, both set low gain and to boost, and they could get very close, in enough of a way that I wouldn’t prefer one over the other.
    Of course the H does medium gain quite well also, and that’s mostly where I left it. Old-School big amp crunch. The low end especially is full, but not too much.
    Didn’t give it a ton of time in direct use with/vs my Hiwatt head, because I don’t use that amp a lot anymore. Did give it a few minutes tho, and was impressed. Couldn’t ask much more of a pedal. It’s not a modeler, it’s not an amp… Personally I never use amp-in-a-box pedals as on/off options. Wouldn’t have a Hiwatt vs Supro/whatever-style to use as “different amps” for different songs, just am trying to settle in on “my” overall sounds. So in other words, I’d be using this pedal as a building block (probably lower gain) or as a dedicated medium crunch option, whether stacked or alone. But I was impressed that the H could handle plenty of different choices.
    Great Pedal!!!  (USA, May 2017)



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