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Dyna Red Distortion 4-Knob (Marshall Style AIAB)


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Dyna Red Distortion 4-Knob…from very tasty, just barely edgy, to full on Rrrrawk!!!

Voltage range: 5V-15V

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More Massive Marshall Magic!!!! The Dyna Red Distortion 4-Knob is a product of the original way Bjorn made the BJFe DRD. It had only 3 knobs, but it also had the low mids control attached to the drive knob in reverse, so you got a beefier clean/low dirt sound and it tightened up for higher dirt settings. The new M control does all of this but also lets you use it in other ways to push the DRD into fuzzier territory or use it as an EQ for cleaner tones. A little mids can go a long way…the M control pushes low mids into the distortion generator so it also juices up the saturation and harmonic content while increasing the frequencies you feel from a 4×12. And the Treble is post-distortion to get just the right cut. Red sparkle paint job and gold lettering.



Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Mike Hermans


Full Throttle Demos

Hans Johansson

Mike Hermans (Medium to High Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)   GEAR:  Suhr tele/Parker nitefly >> Swart AST turned up to club levels

“DRD 4k, extra mid knob is great, making it much more useful. Its good how you dial in the “body” of the sound w the mids, and then can balance that w the treble. This is my favourite BF DRD so far (tried BF DRD and DRD hot), easy to get sounds from JMP to JCM territory…I think its the best BF DRD yet.”  (Australia, September 2012)

2)  GEAR:  Magic Brit MK2 (EF86 channel) and I used my Nocaster with Ron Ellis pickups (Broadcaster and mid-tall).

“DRD 4 Knob…I was surprised how much I liked the 4 knob DRD. Having the mids control to me makes this a much more versatile beast. You can scoop and up the gain for modern crunch or wind back in mids and drop the gain to get a more vintage rock tone happening. I went searching for some JTM45 sounds and couldn’t quite get that “sag” happening but it can get close to JMP sort of stuff. I never thought to try reduced voltage but that may work for more JTM45-ish sounds.”  (Australia, September 2012)

3)  GEAR:  I was playing w/ p-90s on a big loud clean platform.

“4 Knob DRD: Here’s where I was most impressed/surprised. I’ve played a few BJF DRDs and they just never did it for me–before the Bogner stuff it was always my Fetto for this kind of dirt. I really dug this new one though and found it sitting very nicely between the Red & Blues and having a really musical midrange. I love the grunt & growl it gets w/ my p-90s…”  (USA, December 2012)

4) GEAR:  Nolatone CL30 (EL84’s, EF86, Celestion Blues) and Mad Professor OS-21 (6v6, 1×12 G12H30)…various unknown guitars

“The DRD 4-knobber…is blowing me away. The mids knob is AWESOME (on all three pedals). It makes all three of the [Tourbox] drive pedals sound great with any guitar and seemingly any amp (admittedly, I only have two, but they’re pretty drastically different). The DRD used to be my favorite pedal until I started mainly playing through a Nolatone, the pickiest amp for pedals I’ve ever used. The combination of a mids and treble knob allowed to dial in a sound that worked great on the Nolatone. My other amp is a Mad Professor and that is where the DRD really shines. It’s juicy and dynamic and nails a range of marshall sounds from the plexi sound (with the Mids low) all the way up to that thick & smooth lead tone of the more recent Jeff Beck records (with the mids knob up). I’m going to play out with it this weekend, but I have a feeling that this will be a great “bedroom-to-gig” pedal, because cranking the mids knob makes it sound like a beast at home, but then turning it down will probably help it sit in a mix better live.”  (USA, July 2012)

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