Dyna Red Distortion 3-Knob (Marshall Style AIAB)


Product Description

Dyna Red Distortion 3-Knob = Plexi…JTM…BRITISH!

Runs at 5-15V.

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THEE Classic British Rawk tones. Period. Plexi/JTM, really anything this side of the ’80s. But the Dyna Red Distortion 3-Knob is also perfect for the just breaking up, dynamic dirt sound that blends right into your amp that you can control with your fingers. And it has just the right upper mid push to sit correctly in a band mix – a real pro dirt pedal that feels real.


Jack Fossett

Pete Thorn

Mike Hermans



1)  GEAR: Various

“DRD…When I first plugged in, I had the controls around noon and found a big crunch tone that sounds a lot like a certain English brand of amps. I played around with different guitars and found the Dyna Red Distortion to really let the tone of the guitar come thru. The EQ control again does work fabulously for getting the tone just right. There’s plenty of volume to boost your amp if you want to and there’s a healthy dose of gain available. If you want more gain you can easily put a booster in front of it as it responds very well to other pedals. What surprised me was that with the gain high, the dynamics did not suffer and you can dial back to a clean(ish) tone.

I then started to play around a bit more with the gain control as Bearfoot claims that the Dyna Red Distortion will also do a plexi-style tone. I happen to own a ’68 plexi and it’s a difficult tone to get from pedals and they claim their distortion can pull it off? With the Distortion control below 9:00 you are indeed in the plexi-territory,add some spank with the EQ control. the amazing dynamics of the Bearfoot FX pedals and you are pretty darn close. I was very impressed that it DID pull it off.

A lot of pedals get branded to be a ‘Marshall-in-a-box’ and most of them are aimed at doing the hotrodded eighties Marshall tone. Although the Dyna Red is labeled to be a distortion, I think it does a LOT more and truly is a ‘Marshall-in-a-box’. The gain range will get you anything from a late sixties plexi-tone, to the more brighter crunch tones of the seventies, ending with the more saturated and darker sounding tones of the eighties. Very good stuff!”  (Belgium, January 2012)

2)  GEAR: Fender Vibrosonic with a Gretsch Jet (Filtertrons) and Ibanez AS200 (Humbuckers)

“…Dyna Red Distortion was instantly fun to play – great little plug and play Marshall in a Box – unlike the HB (which required some effort to find the sweet spots) it was an absolute breeze to coax great tones out of the DR – I’m a Menatone fanatic but I have to say this might edge out the KOTB (much easier to dial in too!) – ultimate fun box – pinch harmonics, effortless sustain – no need for a compressor here! Despite its heavy gain the DRD retained picking dynamics and clarity. These two pedals [DRD & HB] also stacked really nicely and would make a great 1-2 combination, particularly for roots/rock/blues style.”  (Australia, October 2011)

3)  GEAR: PRS Mira Humbucker equipped guitar (with coil tap) into a Mesa/Boogie DC-10 (2×12) amp

Dyna Red Distortion – This pedal was different from the other two in that it didn’t have the same ‘bite’ on the initial attack as the others. Instead, it had a much smoother attack. Not as angry as the ‘H’. I also found the ‘Nature’ and ‘Drive’ knobs on this pedal to have a much greater effect on the overall sound than the other 2. I think this pedal will take a lot of playing around and tweaking to find YOUR ideal sweet spot.

I enjoyed playing lead lines with this pedal, and I think it will equally suit low and high output humbucker guitars, as even with my volume wound back to ‘5’, the pedal still sang. Even switched to single coil, I was getting nice singing sustain, and I found myself playing a lot of lead lines on this pedal purely because it just sounded so good…definitely a pedal for kicking in during those lead runs.”  (Australia, February 2012)

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