BlueBerry Bass Overdrive (Ampeg AIAB for Guitar/Bass) (SHIPS w/i ONE MONTH)


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Product Description

Round, sweet and dark with a nice tart bite – there’s no going back.


Runs at 5V-15V
Current draw…3ma

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The BBBOD (or 3BOD) is a Bass Overdrive…a combination preamp and dirt generator for the needs of the bass guitar.  It’s NOT a fuzz or even heavy distortion (that’s another pedal!), but the sound of bass amps being warmed, pushed and stressed. Terms/words like “Acoustic,” “Bruce,” “Ampeg,” “Lemmy,” and “Jones” come to mind. Your bass sound is made both better and worse at the same time! ;  ]  This is actually the father of the Honey Bee, which is basically a BlueBerry re-tuned for guitar.

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Mike Hermans


3BOD Demo for Standard Guitar

Sean Gibson

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants

1)  “A lot of overdrives roll off the bass and emphasize the highs to cut through. The Blueberry Bass Overdrive does the opposite and offers up a potentially huge, woody, acoustic low end to flesh out your nether regions. It all depends upon how you dial it in and the Drive and Tone knobs are very interactive so it will likely take some knob-sweeping experimentation to find sweet spots with your particular guitar.

Here’s what I wrote in an earlier post:

I have a Tele.
Usually playing the bridge pickup alone is too trebly for me so usually I blend it with the neck pickup.

Enter the Blueberry Bass OD.
The 3BOD opens up new worlds of tonal options with my Tele bridge pickup and/or with a bright amp like a Vox. Seriously. That bridge pickup alone is now a usable tool with all kinds of shades of new meaning thanks to the 3BOD.

It seems that there are threads here and there with people complaining that their very bright amps don’t match well with most overdrives. Try a 3BOD.

The breakup is smoother than my Uber Bee and I’ve actually found the 3BOD to have a really nice, fairly neutral EQ curve that can get darker if you want it but it’s not a really muffled sound.

Definitely a dark horse with real charm, if you give it a little time.

I would add that, at certain settings, I could get the 3BOD to push my Tele to sound more like a Gibson semi-hollowbody electric.

And then I could turn the Tele into a big, whomping, wall-shaking, chest-thumping “pseudo-bass guitar” with a bit of an acoustic vibe.

I doubt anyone would be fooled into believing that my Tele was a real Gibson semi-hollowbody or electric bass, but this would make a really handy tool for extending the range/pallette of sounds you could get from one guitar, maybe when recording, or when backing a singer-songwriter in a duo format, etc.” ~ March 2015 (USA)

2)  “BBBOD: I went into this expecting the BBBOD to be my favorite. I tend to be a low-to-mid gain kind of guy, unless I’m rocking a fuzz. The BBBOD certainly didn’t disappoint. No question it’s firmly in the low-gain camp, particularly with single coils (the LP’s humbuckers coaxed a little more crunch out of it, but still…). It sounds great. As others have noted, part of what makes this pedal stand out is the voicing: the low-end growl is unique and full. Having played the Honey Bee on a previous tour box, I honestly think I prefer the BBBOD simply for that low-focused EQ. Compared to my KoT, it’s definitely thicker, but doesn’t handle the high end of the fretboard nearly as well. Not a great standalone pedal for lead work, but could make a very interesting option for a rhythm player looking for an always-on foundational tone that’s a little different from the rest.

It did handle stacking really well, particularly with the treble booster. Since the EQ is bass-heavy, the treble boost made for a really nice full-range crunch that was very natural & amp-like, not shrill or overly bright. The fuzz sounded good, but I felt like the fuzz sort of overwhelmed the sound of the pedal.” ~ March 2015 (USA)

3)  “I’ve been curious about this one since it was released, and especially after hearing that it sounds great with standard guitar as well as bass. Well, it’s true…it sounds great with guitar! The Tone knob is much more useable with bass, but with the Tone knob up to at least 2:00, I might never know this is really intended for bass. It’s reminiscent of the HBOD, but doesn’t offer that chewy, saggy feeling/sound. I found it to be exceptional for stacking with almost EVERYTHING. I put the 3BOD before the SYOD3 and MHs and loved what I heard. It offers more low end if needed, which makes sense since it’s a bass pedal, but it sounds very natural when stacking it with another drive pedal. It can be sort of like an added EQ, but it also offers its own flavor to whichever pedal you’re stacking it with. I prefer it as a stacker, but only after playing other dirt pedals with more clarity/high end. Played first with standard guitar, it sounds great. The Gain level is low to low-medium and the volume is ample.

With its intended counterpart, the bass guitar, this pedal is fantastic! I almost never play bass, though I probably would have been better off going that route early on. This pedal made me wanna convert to bass immediately, or to at least play more often. Even for just a volume boost, the 3BOD is excellent. The sweep of the Tone knob is huge and all very useable, and the Gain range is perfect unless you’re looking for lots of distortion or fuzz. I had a blast playing bass with this pedal and was amazed at all the variations in tone that it produced. As an added bonus, the finish is beautiful. Even if I never pick up a bass again, I’ll be buying the 3BOD, my 2nd fave of this bunch. It’s sort of subtle in a very delicious way, but also makes a huge difference in your bass tone if you like. A real winner!” ~ February 2015 (USA)

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