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The One Control Sea Turquoise Delay…designed by BJF!

BearFoot FX Introduces One Control BJF Series!

Now you can own a Björn Juhl-designed quality product that has great tone, but uses little real estate on your board!

BearFoot FX presents the BJF-designed One Control Sea Turquoise Delay!


Delay pedals come in all forms from complex to overly simplified.  With the Sea Turquoise Delay, Björn has managed to simplify the controls while maintaining the versatility and quality of much more complex effects. 

The Sea Turquoise Delay has only three controls and a switch.  The Level controls the output of the pedal and therefore the volume of the echo.  The Delay controls the delay time, from doubling to 600 ms.  The Feedback controls depth of the echo and finally the Kill Dry switch at the side of the pedal determines whether the dry signal is present at output.  This switch is useful in mixing consoles and PA systems where you may only require the effect for depth of sound and ambiance.  The Sea Turquoise Delay is also extremely quiet, making it useful in the studio as well as in live situations.

Like all One Control effects pedals, the Sea Turquoise Delay is housed in a machined and anodized compact aluminum case, with only the best components inside to assure years of trouble free use.  The pedal can be powered by 9v battery, but we do recommend the use of a balanced power supply to maximize the life and quality of this effect.



Sean Gibson

Mike Hermans

Jake Cloudchair

Hans Johansson


One Control Tourbox Reviews (The Gear Page)

GEAR USED: Warmoth/Fender HSS partscaster with a Suhr Thornbucker and two DiMarzio Cruisers through a Soldano SP77 preamp and Rocktron Velocity 150 power amp into a Mojotone 2×12 (65W Creambacks)

“This initially was my early favorite, but that’s coming from a delay junkie, so not unexpected. That said, the delay is very nice. Crisp and clean without sounding too sterile, though a little modulation would’ve been welcome (maybe add an internal trimmer for it or swap the kill-dry for it). It’s a no-frills delay that gets the job done and sounds good doing it.”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: PRS SE w/SD humbuckers through a Fender Blues Deluxe

“The Sea Turquoise Delay offers just a taste of delay craziness while generally keeping things simple and on the extremely tasteful side. There’s a Delay knob, a Level knob, a Feedback knob, and a Kill Dry switch on the side. That’s it! For those who seek simplicity as well as functionality (and who don’t need such luxuries as tap tempo, for example) the STD might be the delay pedal (or one of the delay pedals) for you. The repeats can go from very subtle and beautiful, really, to self-oscillating, so it’s not all dull! It sounds more analog-like to my ears than digital, which is a positive thing in my opinion. The repeats are very natural and organic-sounding even when fairly extreme. If you want a bit of oscillation, you’ll need to turn the Feedback up fairly high. It also does slapback very well. Overall, the STD is a quality delay in a tiny package that really delivers for those who don’t need anything complicated, or for those who want to add a second delay to their board without taking up much space.”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow into both an Archon and Princeton

“…I would not hesitate to use this pedal as a dedicated slapback delay. On longer delay times it was a pleasant enough sounding delay but where it really shined was on slapback setting into the front end of the Princeton. Something I odd I noticed while playing through the delay (that actually holds true for all of the pedals in this box) is that they prefer to go in front of the amp instead of in an effects loop. Or at least they preferred the front end of my Archon more than its loop.”  (USA, September 2016)


Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 2K
Drive voltage: 8-12V
Power consumption: 60mA
S/N ratio:-96dBm
Size: 1.5Wx 4Dx 1.3H inches (excluding protruding parts)
1.85W x 4Dx 1.9H inches (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 5.6 oz. (7.1 oz. with battery)
True bypass switching
*Battery not included.

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