Pink Purple Fuzz 4-Knob


The Pink Purple Fuzz…now featuring separate Bass and Treble controls! Splitting the EQ knobs releases more gain for fuzzzzzzz!

Is it Pink (Floyd)? Is it Purple (Haze)? Is it fuzz? Is it distortion? Is it
overdrive? It IS the original Fuzzdrive and after 10 years as a revered BJFe model, the PPF is resurrected as a BearFoot model, now featuring 4 knobs instead of 3!

Runs at 8V-18V.

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For reviews, demos and further details,
see our original Pink Purple Fuzz!



BearFoot FX introduces the NEW Pink Purple Fuzz 4-Knob!

Take all the fuzz tones from the ’60s and ’70s…(the crazier octaves, gates and spitty chainsaw tones are in the Candy Apple Fuzz and Candiru).

The PPF houses all the useful daily fuzz tones that you will immediately know what to do with…Jimi to Neil to Trower to Montrose…and then it also blurs the line between fuzz, distortion and overdrive all the way down to just barely gritty, edgy tones.

The PPF is very high gain and very low noise. The new separate EQ controls (Bass and Treble) replace our original 3-knob PPF’s EQ knob and release more gain for added fuzz!!!

High gain…low noise…LED…regular 9V adapter…unaffected by pedals around it…does not give a rat’s ass where it is in the chain unlike most fuzzes!


Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

  • This was the first one I plugged in, and the one I spent the most time with (which is why the time for the others was cut short). It’s also my favorite, so far! Nice amount of bass on tap for some chugga chugga if you need it. Fuzz range is pretty wide. It can go from a light, almost fuzz face-ish sound to a heavier, not quite Colorsound Overdrive impression. Cleans up exceptionally well! No reason to not max this thing out and fiddle with the guitar volume knob :D Now, the interesting/fun part…. I fiddled with this one the most because I got lost fiddling. There are always those fuzz pedals that “sound best” or “only sound good” through an amp that’s already cooking. The gain channel is hot rod levels of awful on my amp! But, the master volume is very useful…. So, after playing around with the master high and the volume low, I decided to max out the volume and tame the volume with the master. Completely different beast! With a really clean amp, the sound was thin. Not thin in a bad way, but more of a hollow, reedy, biting fuzz. With the volume cranked….. This thing thickened up. A lot. Really booming fuzz. Not really into muff territory from a gain standpoint, but still had some authority to it.  (USA, April 2017)


  • Actually, this one was lost in the mail… errrr…. stolen…. I mean, my dog ate it…. Just kidding. But seriously, you can’t have it back. :bonkIn all seriousness, the Pink Purple Fuzz is amazing. As soon as I kicked it on, I knew it was special. Now, I’m not a big fuzz guy, but this seems to be an overdrive type fuzz or fuzz type overdrive. It’s thick, but not too thick. It’s got sustain, but not that “unnatural” kind you get from some fuzzes (does that make sense?). It can be smooth and dark or you can get it to be brighter and amp-like. Honestly, I’ve never played a Tube Driver, but I’ve owned a Dover Drive and I’ve listened to Andy Timmons relentlessly for the past 2 years and I think it sounds like a Tube Driver. There, I said it. This one, I will be purchasing. It’s my favorite in the box. The coolest part for me was how it reacted with my amp’s overdrive channel. I put the volume at noon, fuzz just below 9:00, the Bass off, and the treble all the way up, hit my channel switcher to the overdrive channel and MAS TEQUILA!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING! HAVE to have it! (USA, April 2017)

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