Candiru Fuzz (Wild Silicon Range Octave/Velcro/Gate/Ring)


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The silicon Candiru…just for YOU!

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See Mike Hermans’ new demo of the Candiru Fuzz below!

The Candiru was the rudest and rippingest of the Candy Apple Foursome, featuring increased gating abilities to the left side of the Nature knob, and a silicon velcro heart overall. Now the Candiru Apple Fuzz is history…featured in our archives. In its place is…

Our new Candiru Fuzz, which adds a 5th knob for greater versatility. The new Candiru puts the inner trimpot of the old Candiru Apple on the outside of the pedal in the form of the Gate knob.  This knob enables greater gating capabilities…something MOST of you seem to appreciate! It’s still silicon-based, so you can expect sharper teeth and gnarlier YOWL!

See our Candiru Apple Fuzz for details, demos and reviews!



Mike Hermans

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