Pale Green Compressor V4 (Glow in the Dark – Ltd. Ed.)


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Product Description

The BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor 4-Knob – the compressor for people who hate compressors!

We’ve taken the original PGCv1 and added split EQ knobs for greater control and versatility…and this one glows in the dark!

Voltage range 8V-18V.

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BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor V4 ‘Glow in the Dark’ is HERE!

The PGC captures the natural feel of your amp and speakers compressing as they are pushed. The PGC really shines in a live situation with a band where the heavier-handed compressors (that sound good at home in a room) often sound thick and lifeless against other real instruments. The PGC is already famous for its nearly transparent compression and dead quiet operation. You will also wonder if it’s on at all…until you turn it off to make sure, and then turn it back on as quickly as possible.

We’ve replaced the middle EQ knob with separate Treble and Bass controls that adjust the EQ both pre- and post-compression. The more Bass you add, the more of the classic Dyna/Ross comp (treble cut/bass boost) feel you get. Increase the Treble knob and get more highs and sparkle without adding noise or hiss. And with the comp knob off, it is a booster/enhancer/EQ. Especially tasty into the Honey Bee and other BearFoot drives!



Sean Gibson


Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

  • This was a surprise, because much like [fellow TGPer], I’m not into compressors. HOWEVER, the added Bass and Treble knobs lend a better grip on EQ and I found myself really enjoying the sparkle and tightness it imparted on my clean channel. I play a Les Paul (dark sounding guitar) into a Budda Superdrive 18 (dark amp). It’s difficult to coax a “great” clean sound out of the rhythm/clean channel of my amp because of the shared EQ, so with my amp drive settings, the first channel ends up sounding a bit dull and flabby. THe PGCv4 tightens it up and adds this nice sheen over it. (I’m trying to avoid saying sparkle, but honestly that’s pretty accurate.) It makes it a bit more inspiring to play. This was honestly my 2nd favorite pedal in the tourbox. I could see how this would be a compressor for folks who don’t like compressors. For giggles, I left the settings where I liked them on the clean channel and switched to my dirty channel and it didn’t really change the fundamental sound I was getting, it just sort of added in the EQ, which again, was pleasing and inspiring to play, so one could surmise that you could leave this on all the time. I would buy this one.  (USA, April 2017)


  • My favorite PGC! I’ve tried/owned V1 and V3, think I might have tour boxed a BJF way way back….or not. I’m getting old, memory is shot :cry:
    Anyways, the EQ knob again sat exactly where I would have wanted. Plenty of clarity, as PGC is known for. I spent the week stacking it with everything, often COT-PGC-another drive. I don’t normally have a compressor on the board, and overall am unsure whether I will ever really need one. Haven’t determined if it’s an always-on or on-off…and if it is an always-on, does it really make a big difference for me? My week with the PGC didn’t quite answer that question, but I’m leaning towards buying one anyways and further exploring.
    Played a gig after the tourbox went out the door, and I really didn’t miss it, but my playing these days is going cleaner and cleaner, and I could see using this pedal much more going forward, for recording or live.
    Again would definitely go with this over the V3, and can’t see passing on it for the original V1 either.  (USA, May 2017)

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