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The One Control Lemon Yellow Compressor…designed by BJF! More details COMING SOON!

BearFoot FX Introduces One Control BJF Series!

Now you can own a Björn Juhl-designed quality product that has great tone, but uses little real estate on your board!

BearFoot FX presents the BJF-designed
One Control Lemon Yellow Compressor!

Tone Report…Issue 139…”NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear” Section!




Sean Gibson

Mike Hermans

Jake Cloudchair

Bobby D


One Control Tourbox Reviews (The Gear Page)

GEAR USED (unknown)

“I like the Lemon Yellow Compressor, and I used the gain control as my only form of drive for the leads. It has clean, snappy attack, which brings out each track I used it on.”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow into both an Archon and Princeton

“…Now I have never owned a compressor pedal before as I tend to not really see it being worth the money or board space for my style of playing. That may have to change now. I tried the pedal in both settings but kept coming back to the sustain mode with a higher gain setting and a relatively high ratio. Something about just brought my clean tone to life through the Archon, which already has a fabulous clean tone. It presented my tone with new character that was both inspiring and surprising as I thought this would be yet another compressor that I struggle to dial in and quickly put back I the box.”  (USA, September 2016)

GEAR USED (unknown)

“I loved this one. It reminds me of a Rothwell Love Squeeze I used to own but more portable. I don’t use too much compression these days. Actually, I really like my Xotic SP Compressor, but I always keep it in the Low setting. The LYC kinds of sounds like the Xotic, with one exception: The Xotic brightens up the tone, even with a low blend. The LYC pretty music retains the tonal character already given. It’s just a matter of what your taste is.

Besides that tonal difference, I would say the LYC generates a tiny bit more noise, even when the Xotic’s blend is at 100%. The Sustain mode reminds me of the Xotic blended at around 9 o’clock, with the Low setting. I actually dig the fact that the SP Comp makes my tone brighter (as it is a little dark), but I wouldn’t mind having a LYC around.”  (USA, September 2016)


Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 10K
Drive voltage: 9V
Current consumption: 10mA
S/N ratio: -80dB
Size: 1.5W x 4D x 1.3H inches (excluding protruding parts)
1.85W x 4D x 1.9H inches (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 5.6 oz. (7.1 oz. with battery)
True bypass switching
*Battery not included.

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