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Red Rooster Booster #1


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Red Rooster Booster #1 is the current BJFe version – strong, bold and balanced.

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The Red Rooster Booster adds about 33db of guitar-friendly, unbuffered boost to your signal. That’s about the same as adding a preamp tube stage to your amp. The RRB intentionally adds more gain in the upper mids (your guitar needs it to cut through a mix!) while also adding some presence to keep from turning the sound murky.

This was Ken Fisher’s favorite booster and he even built a Trainwreck amp to work perfectly with it (named Songwriter, the one Brad Paisley records and tours with). Ken likened the Rooster variations to swapping out different brands of preamp tubes.


See our Red Rooster Boosters (1, 2 & 3) for details, a comparison demo and reviews!

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