Sea Blue EQ 4-Knob (Tube-like TMB Preamp/EQ)


Product Description

Introducing the NEW Sea Blue EQ, now with 4 knobs…Volume, Treble, Bass, and Mids! Same as before only BETTER…with a new Mids control and a bit more available headroom than the original! And it’s still much more than just an equalizer.

Runs at 9V-18V…
18V gives more headroom and clarity.

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BearFoot FX brings you the NEW 4-Knob SBEQ!

“Its like having a Neve on your pedalboard…” ~ Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

The SBEQ4K is a clear, warm, tube-like, treble/bass/mids booster. The EQ controls do go +/- and it is built in such a way that if pushed hard, it will distort in a pleasant way much like an expensive tube EQ would. It also has an overall warming clarity that improves the fidelity of all distortions…even non-BearFoot ones! ; )

See our original Sea Blue EQ for more details, demos and reviews!

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