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It seems fitting that our first BJFe offering is a new model…and quite possibly the very best amp in a box pedal ever! I don't say this lightly as I've heard almost every dirtbox Bjorn has ever made.  He spent a lot of time getting the perfect balance between sustain, distortion, compression and dynamic equalization…and this is the result…the BJFe Model D! Available NOW in very limited quantities.

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Yes, the “D” stands for “Dumble,” but more importantly it also stands for David (as in David Lindley) and the way he coaxed those amazing tones out of his Dumbles. The BJFe Model D will go from the lightest, touch sensitive, sustaining dirt to full-on raging, singing, throaty, unforgettable tones that we have been trying to get for decades.  The Model D is now available through BearFoot FX in very limited numbers.



Hans Johansson

Hans Johansson

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