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Emerald Green Distortion Machine Silver (AC15/AC30 High Gain Tones – Silicon)


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The all new Emerald Green Distortion Machine Silver (for Silicon) standard edition in translucent emerald green! Same BJFe vibe
with larger logo and clearly labelled knobs!

This is the “original recipe” BJFe version of the EGDM!

Codename: Killer Green Distortion Machine! Really nails the Queen tone!

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The EGDM covers a wide swath of British dirt, and can cover both Vox and Marshall territory and more! It is built to be both a distortion generator and a proper booster to cause the amp to make the driven sounds…and is useful for combinations of both. The original BJFe EGDM has a bright, silicon-flavored edge. When making the first BearFoot EGDM, we decided to bring in the warmth of germanium transistors to make it useful for a wider range of amps. The EGOD is still germanium and focuses on the British flavors in a lower intensity about equal to the Honey Bee. BUT we are now unleashing the original BJFe formula EGDM in the form of the new Emerald Green Distortion Machine Silver (or ‘S’…for Silicon), which offers more edge and swirling high harmonics than the Germanium version, and is brighter overall. You will understand why the treble control was added.

See our GOLD Emerald Green Distortion Machine for details, more demos and reviews!


emerald green distortion machine silver

Comparison Demo

Mike Hermans


Simon Gotthelf

Mike Hermans


From The Gear Page…some words of clarification from Donner

“The original BJF EGDM was a 3 knob SILICON pedal that sounded great on british voiced amps, but was too bright for Fender amps and speakers…. so an internal trimpot was added to adjust the treble between British and US eq needs.

When the initial BearFoot version was designed, we used germanium transistors and an external treble control so it could easily be mated to just about any amp/speaker.

As mentioned before, the EGDM has huge gain potential for slamming an amp into distorting – overdriving itself…..

But lots of people today use a cleanish amp and use the pedals to make the dirt/distortion.

So for those folks we reworked the circuit to give the easy dirt and compression into a clean amp like the Honey Bee does and the germ trannies are best suited for that…… thats the EGOD.

For the folks that want the high gain potential and glassy topend of Vox/Matchless we used the silicon trannies and thats the current EGDM S ….

So we divided the original germ BF EGDM into the germ EGOD and the sili EGDM.

We dont make the original gold germ BF EGDM anymore, but you can find them used if you like.

They are color coded – the original germ EGDM and EGOD have GOLD lettering — the current silicon EGDM has silver lettering ~~~ Gold Germ – Silver Sili ….

This holds true for its fuzz cousin the Candy Apple and Candiru (and the limited edition Burgandy BossHorn) – the lettering color will tell you what is inside.

Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold ………..”


TGP Review

“For the first time in a dozen years, a new pedal has replaced my beloved BJFe Emerald Green Distortion Machine.

It’s the BearFoot EGDM Silver!

DonneR has finally recreated all the magic of the original all-silicon design. With a Vox AC or similar amp, there’s just nothing like it. I’ve tried many other pedals over the years, including the BearFoot EGDM and EGOD, and simply nothing sounds like the original BJFe version — until now.

As it was designed, the EGDM Silver takes a Vox AC on the edge of breakup and cranks it up. It’s loud and raucous, yet dynamic and detailed. It adds just a touch of compression and bloom while remaining open and airy. It’s one of the most textural pedals I’ve ever played. It’s like adding a second channel to the AC, and it works incredibly well with both Normal and Top Boost inputs. The Voice control let’s you set it to give really nice low-end thunk, or rolled off for a more midrangey tone.

I don’t know what it sounds like into a clean amp though. It’s not a pedal I would use at low volume. Although, it sounds incredible for running bass guitar direct to the console! With a clean amp, you might want to stack it into a good overdrive. Also, it responds incredibly well with a Rangemaster type pedal right before it.

There are some subtle, and not-so subtle, differences between the BF EGDM Silver and the original BJFe EGDM.
– The Silver is a little flatter and clearer in the upper mids / lower treble, where the BJFe has a tad more bite but can also get
ice-picky by comparison. Both pedals have lots of presence and the overall character is the same.
– The BJFe also has a bit more open airiness and sparkle at the very top end, but it’s not something you’d notice in a mix or casual A-B comparison.
– The BJFe had a ridiculous amount of output gain, so unity was somewhere around 9:30. On the Silver, it’s around 1:30, so it’s easier to adjust but there’s still plenty of extra gain if you need a boost.
– The BJFe had it’s Treble control buried inside. Thankfully, Bearfoot has it exposed, letting you instantly go from crisp and bitey to warm and fuzzy.
– The BJFe had one thing I will not miss – noise! The new Silver is wayyyy quieter than the BJFe.
– And, for all its charm, the BJFe paint job left lots to be desired. My new EGDM Silver has the limited edition “spleen machine” finish. Super cool.” ~ March 2015  (USA)

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