Über Bee OD (Vintage/Modern Honey Bee +/- Gain/EQ) (STANDARD or ‘Beerst!)



Product Description

BACK in the BearFoot FX line-up!!!

Available in Standard or Limited Edition Überbeerst case for the same low price! (‘Beerst available ONLY at BearFoot FX!)

First, there was the now beloved Honey Bee Overdrive. Then for more gain and versatility (but with the same tasty flavor) came the Honey Beest. For just about everything in between AND in that great Honey Bee family, now there’s the Über Bee.

The ÜBOD runs at 5V-15V (same as the Honey Bee) and features very low battery drain just like the rest of the drives.

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A long time coming, the Über Bee is finally here…the result of much research and feedback over the years. The Über Bee expands the range of the Honey Bee, while still hitting the classic Bee tones.

If you are happy with your current Bee, then you probably don’t need the Über. But if you ever wished the Bee could be cleaner, brighter or stronger and dirtier, then we have something for you.

The biggest surprise is the expanded range down. Yes, the Über actually starts a little cleaner and this is the tastiest warm clean boost I’ve heard – didn’t even know it was there! And then you can run up the Treble control and get a really nice honey-colored clean. But with the Treble knob down all the way it starts off with the slight extra warmth of the original BJFe HB and goes up from there to unity treble, meaning that if you want, your Bee and clean tones can have the same treble for those that don’t like the “dropping blanket” sound you can hear with bright speakers.

Dirt – oh yeah, this is an overdrive! With the Drive knob all the way down it starts at the new Honey clean. Rolled to about 10 o’clock, you match the max dirt of the Honey Bee. Then it continues up to about twice the dirt density of the HB. (If you want more dirt than that, you probably should just get a Honey Beest or a Dyna Red…or my favorite, pre-boost it with a Rooster.)

The Honey Beest is a different animal. It has the Preamp and different EQ for running at medium and high gain, while the Über covers the ground between the two.



Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Simon Gotthelf

Sean Gibson

Jack Fossett

SHOOTOUT (Honey Beest vs. Über Bee!!!)

Jack Fossett

Lance Seymour – BEE OD Comparison


Mike Hermans

Donner (Comparison Vid: Über Bee & Honey Bee)

Mike Hermans (Low to Medium Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1) GUITARS: Fender CS ’56 Strat, CS ’51 Nocaster, Rickenbacker WB 360/12, Taylor 614CE Ltd 30th Anniversary AMP: Jim Kelley Reverb Ltd

Uber Bee…So, hang on I thought… maybe the UBER Bee is what I need.  A quick rummage on the Bearfoot website told me what I’d suspected; the Uber Bee was the advanced of the HB, with the tweaks we all asked for. It took me a short while to dial in the UB to sound like the HB.

But I got. Just. Well, I dunno… the HB does have a little something special about it. It’s sometimes a little bit more muffled maybe, but better for it.  Then, I adjusted the ‘N’ knob fully clockwise, and BANG that was it !! I came off the guitar and looked at the prices of the Uber straight away.

I sometimes dream (hope ?) of a board with just ONE overdrive; just one. And for the first time, I thought that this might be it. Sure the Pete Cornish CC-1 will get close to these sounds, but man it cost me around £510 !!!

The Uber Bee became my favourite of the whole lot. It could almost duplicate the sounds of any one of my existing ODs (!!!!) and for this reason, I’ll be buying one.”  (UK, June 2014)

2)  GEAR: 2013 Gibson SG Standard w/Travis Morris Alnico II humbuckers going into a Fender Hot Rod Deville MKIII 4×10 with two stock speakers swapped with low-wattage Weber Alnicos 

“The Über Bee was most definitely my favourite…The Über Bee definitely echoed the Honey Bee, and I think the addition of the treble control was a really solid move. (throwback to the Homey Beeatch?) The gain didn’t get too saturated in the way my SL Drive or big-box Rat would, but just sounded more like an overdriven amplifier in where dynamics played a big part of the sound. You could still get a very clean, delicate tone or
something brash and stinging when you dig in, which I definitely liked. This one was pretty set-and-forget for me, pretty much keeping it set how I had the Honey Bee from the first tourbox and adding a touch more treble definition and gain. Excellent pedal!”  (Canada, May 2014)

3)  GEAR: Partscaster tele with Bill & Becky Lawrence Keystone pickups and an Epiphone LP clone with J.S. Moore PAF clones through a Laney GH100TI ½ stack

“HOLY COW !! …AMAZING NOTE DEFINITION! Even my drummer remarked that there is no mushiness whatsoever when the gain goes up. The Uber Bee is so much fun with humbuckers and an 100 watt amp set on the verge of breakup it should be illegal. I think the treble knob is a really useful
feature; I certainly would buy the Uber vs the regular Honey Bee just for that knob… My favourite thing to do was to put the Uber in front of my
Danelectro TOD V1 – classic/southern rock heaven.”  (Canada, May 2014)

4)  GEAR: stock Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster. Amp: Vox AC30CC1 with stock Celestion neo-dog 1×12″ speaker

“Let me say, this is one of my favourite overdrive pedals that I’ve ever played! I had the Honey Bee, which I really enjoyed, and sold it when I got the Uber Bee. The descriptor of Uber describes this pedal well, takes the basic HB and make it even better, perhaps the “ultimate” version. More gain available from the Uber and it’s a real fuzzy, small amp exploding kinda overdrive. Some people say the Honey/Uber Bee makes their amp sound “small” but I’ve never felt that way. For both band practices and gigs, I’m usually not able to turn my amp as loud as I’d like it to be (I’m almost
always told to turn down, and I’m in a loud band!) so the Uber Bee is perfect for that low gain, slightly gritty sound that I use 60% of the time for my rhythm playing. If you like a slightly breaking up, greasy sound, this is the pedal for you! And it can go into medium gain territory too, definitely a few notches further than the Honey Bee. The T or treble knob really helps with getting the inherent darkness out and opens the tone up–it’s another great selling point. Of course, there’s awesome touch sensitivity and volume clean-up with the Uber Bee.

I like to keep the Uber in the low-ish gain territory and use it as a first gain stage in front of my Model H when I want a higher gain sound. I love the Uber Bee/Model H stack, by the way, crunchy goodness!

I extolled the virtues of the Model G from the previous tourbox but the Uber has been used a lot more since I got it. They cover some of the same ground, with the Uber having some fuzzier, dirtier sounds — maybe that’s just where I’m at right now in my sound preference, though I still love the MG. I can switch off between the two pedals and be very happy with either!”  (Canada, June 2014)

5)  GEAR: Les Paul Traditional Pro (SD Alnico Pro II in bridge; 57 Classic in neck) thru a Marshall YJM100

UBER BEE OVERDRIVE (UBOD)…The Uber bee is a described as a higher gain version of the Honey Bee OD. I’ve never played an Honey Bee Overdrive, but like many of you, I’ve heard all the great things people say about it. The first thing I noticed about the Uber Bee is how natural and amp-like it sounded. I know those terms are thrown around often, but in my experience, they really don’t apply to many pedals. I wouldn’t describe the UBOD as a high gain pedal, but to me, it had enough gain for my style of music (70s and 80s rock). The controls are very responsive and it has plenty of volume on tap. My favorite setting was Volume and gain at 2 o’clock, Tone at 10 o’clock and the “N” knob at 3 o’clock. What separates the UBOD from the other ODs I’ve played is its inherent tonal characteristics. It’s a wonderfully toneful pedal. It give chords a nice chunky sound with some added “weight” and it imparts a gorgeous layer of dirt on your solos. Personally, I haven’t found too many pedals that are good at both chords and leads. The UBOD also played extremely well with my other pedal. I used RRBs to push the UBOD and it responded like a champ. It was played well with my Mythical OD. Another winner from Bearfoot. Highly recommended.”  (USA, July 2014)

6)  GEAR:  GVCG 53′ Ultimate Blackguard through a Victoria 20112 (tweed deluxe) and vox ac15hw1x

Bearfoot Uberbee…Wow this pedal is aggressive…in a good way i mean! Way more aggressive than the HB. This is all in the upper mids. It’s a
different pedal to me, has more of a marshall flavor in this department (think marshall 18 watts). It makes me think of an HB that has treble booster qualities. It can get very bright depending on settings. Has more gain as well. Also, I can see how the extra Knob would be useful to match more setup. This is my favourite of this tourbox (except for the HB that i already own…)”  (France, July 2014)

7) [GEAR Unknown]

“Uber Bee = total winner to me, the original Honey Bee was a little low gainy and too creamy sounding to my ears, this one is a beast (not an Honey Beest), gainy, quiet great amount and the excursion of the pot is very usable, has a great clean headroom, attack and in your face punch, and it’s very open sounding, i used it much of the time with Nature at 10.30 o’clock and Treble at 11, it’s already crancked with Gain at noon but it works very great with the Volume, can clean completely at important Gain settings, reminds me too at some aspects of the original Model H, volume pot
interaction, great headroom, in your face punching. It can stacked with good results with a lot of Od/Fuzzes for sure…”  (Italy, July 2014)

8)  GEAR: 2006 Les Paul (490/498, chambered), 80s Partscaster (Lollars), 2001 Ibanez Jet King (Super 58s/coil-split)…Channel 1(L): 1999 Peavey Classic 30/clean, Channel 2(R): mid-90s Marshall JTM30/clean

“Über Bee OD: …Prior to this I had never played one of the “Bee” pedals. What a cool little OD. I ran it at various voltages ranging from sub-9s right up to the max allowed at 15v. That’s the cool thing about the MC404. Two slots with adjustable voltage. Makes for some great headroom on pedals normally run at 9v only. Anyhow, at lower voltage I found the Bee to be somewhat tame. Very “small-amp” like in it’s voicings. Reminded me of an old Alamo amp I had many years ago. Small but gritty, boxey sounding and a little thin but I think that’s the point. Sounded even better with a Red Rooster in front of it. Either of them. I then pumped up the voltage to 12v. Pedal really came to life. I found myself wanting to spend more time on the left side of the nature knob. Lots of nice boomy low-end and just a different feel to the drive. Even more of that sweet gain. Just great.

And then I kicked it up to 15v. HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP!!! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! It’s almost as if it’s a different pedal at 15v. So much
headroom and thick woody gain. At this voltage it’s all about Humbuckers. Man oh man. My Les Paul sounded absolutely monstrous. Jet King, through every coil-split setting, sounded phenom. I mean really, really good. Stick the Red Rooster III in front of the Uber and wait for the fat lady to start singing… cause it’s game over. So much tone to play with. This is a fine example of what a great OD should sound like and be like in its versatility. I’m having a hard time not playing that pedal anymore as I really enjoyed it. I will own one in the future. Absolutely.”  (USA, August 2014)

9)  GEAR: Various humbucker and SC guitars into Backface- and Tweed-style amps, with 1×12 and 2×12 cabs

Ǖber Bee: I had high expectations of this one, and maybe they were exceeded. It has the great sounds of the Honey Bee, plus added gain and a
Treble control. I really like being able to see the bass a little on the ripe side and have the treble to balance it. Overdriven, small, vintage amp sounds are some of my favorites in all of guitardom, and I really like how the ǕB does them.

In some ways, the ǕB seems to be very closely related to the Model G, but with more available bass and gain. I was able to closely replicate my
favorite Model G setting with the ǕB, at least to my ears. Plus, the ǕB has some settings that I like even better than my favorite MG settings.”  (USA, June 2014)

10)  GEAR: Custom Richies Guitar Shop telecaster, with Kent Armstrong Vintage 52’s in the neck and bridge, through a Blackstar HT-1R

“Über Bee OD: What an incredibly nuanced OD. I have been more than satisfied with my SYOD2 for some time, as I’m more inclined to go with low gain overdrives, and tend to shy away from those that veer into what I consider “distortion” territory…but this had so much intrinsic harmonic
content that I really couldn’t stop playing it. It is remarkably responsive to pick attack and the volume pedal on the guitar. I found it perfect for tight rhythm work, and a great guttural tone.”  (USA, August 2014)



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