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Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 1 or 2


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For early American or British-flavored sound and feel…try the SYODs…
separately or together.

SPECIFY Version 1 or 2 in the checkout comments.

Voltage is 5V-15V to vary the headroom.

Early American tones…Tweed – Plexi – Blonde – Brownface…not just the sound but the feel as well. SY1 is brighter with more headroom and is
especially good into a British-voiced amp/speaker…great for pushing a British amp into overdrive and distortion, or capable of making the distortion itself into a clean amp. The SY2 is voiced more for running into American amps/speakers…not as bright and a little more compression. They are also voiced to be used into each other…SY1 into SY2 covers a huge amount of ground. Volume and Drive controls are standard. The M and T controls are a very versatile EQ section that can also be used as an EQ with the drive down. The M control is for low mids and helps cover the various cabinets and speakers you find from Deluxes up through Showman and Bassman configurations. And the M controls pre-distortion so it also affects the saturation of the drive and will push past the vintage tones into blooming distortion and even fuzz like tones. And finally, the post-distortion Treble control is there to get the sound just right.


Warner E. Hodges & Dan Baird


Mike Hermans (Teaser Vid!)

Mike Hermans (SYOD1)

Mike Hermans (SYOD2)

Hans Johansson (SYOD2)

Tim Lerch (SYOD2 + Honey Bee and Honey Beest)


Full Throttle Demos

Mike Hermans (Low to Medium Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR:  PRS Mira and Peavey Wolfgang through a Carol-Ann Triptik

“Sparkle Yellow OD1 – This one certainly lives up to it’s name. A lot more sparkle and brightness that the OD2 in my opinion. I liked the
‘responsiveness’ of this one too – the individual strings seemed to jump out at you more. This one was my favourite.”  (Australia, March 2013)

2)  GEAR:  Seuf Strat with Fralin Blues Specials and stock ’88 Les Paul Standard -> Tungsten Crema Wheat

“SYOD – when I first heard that Bearfoot was coming out with an overdrive after already having the DRD, Model H, HBOD, and all their various
modified versions, I was less than enthusiastic. Being a TGPer it’s sometimes easy to get OD glut and just glaze over…but this thing is just like nothing else into my 5E3. A side note – I did not like it into my AC30, the HBST is ideally suited for that whereas the voicing of the SYOD didn’t really lend
itself to a Vox amp. What I dug about the SYOD was its clarity. I like OD and distortion that doesn’t cover the sound but augment it, which I felt the SYODs do well. I’ve had several pedals where the builder claims “touch responsiveness” and they’ve all had it to greater or lesser degrees, but to me the SYOD is like a french press compared to a percolator…’same’ product, different worlds. The SYOD is really the first time I truly, without seeking, noticed a touch responsiveness. It retains the strength of whatever initial tone going through it and the sweep of the M and T knobs is excellent with plenty gain available.”  (USA, October 2012)

3)  GEAR:  Strats though a Two-Rock amp clean & cranked up/Alessandro Cabs/Celestion G12-65’s

“SYOD v1 & v2: I was really looking forward to trying these babies out because one of my favorite OD pedals is the Mad Professor SHOD HW. I like how the SHOD is touch sensitive, has nice thick midrange but sparkles and cuts. Due to my appreciation for the SHOD I tried out the Honey Bee and Honey Bair since people often compare the two/put them in the same sentence. I found the Honey Bee/Bair to be nice pedals but nothing like my SHOD, just not aggressive/tight enough to be considered the same (though good for what it does). I heard someone mentioned the SYOD may be closer to the SHOD and it’s TRUE. I really don’t have much to complain about the MP SHOD (especially in a live situation) but it can be a bit bright in the bedroom and you just can’t dial that out at home very easily. I like how the SYOD does pretty much the things I like about the SHOD but also has a more
powerful EQ section so you can soften it up if you like. As for v1 vs. v2, my best description is that the v1 more clear and bright while the v2 sounds like the v1 but with some Honey Bee thickness added in if that makes sense. I would have a tough time choosing between the two and may even want both.”  (USA, January 2013)

4)  GEAR:  Tele through a Goodsell Super 17 Blackline

“The SYOD’s were the standouts for me. As others have said, #1 is brighter and more open, while #2 is warmer and more compressed. #2 worked better with my guitar and amps, though I found myself wishing it had a tad less compression and more of the openness of #1. All the same, it was
super chimey and had a nice bite to it. I think it’s a great pedal and a must-have, so I’ll be saying bye-bye to a few other OD’s so I can get one.”  (USA, November 2012)

5)  GEAR:  EL34 and EL84 based amps…Tele, SG, LP…various!

Moving along to the SYOD v1 vs v2. I own, gig, and love a BJFE SYODv1 from the second run Bjorn made for the customshop R&D back in 2007. Its been untouchable for what it does for me since I got it in November 2008- so just over 4 years ago. That’s a long time to have an OD pedal, and I still find that every time I step on that SYOD as well as my early BJFE HBOD, I am blown away by the tone it just oozes…I find that this stack is my desert island OD tone. The HBod contributes killer warmth and sag with an utterly pick controlled grit while the SYODv1 adds clarity and cut, attitude and drive. My last set of demos was actually just the HBod into the SYODv1 into a Vibro Champ, and my engineer asked me how I dimed my Shiva in my apartment to cut the demo.

As far as the Bearfoot V1 vs V2, I was really impressed by the V2 SYOD. I am not sure if I will end up buying one, but I really did get the mojo that Donner was talking about with the V2. I pretty much HATE tubescreamers, but with the mids dialed in just right the v2 can do that open america bluesy rootsy tone that I usually associate with a fender and a low screamer at low gain. But the compression is cleaner, the mids are more detailed and balanced, and the low end isn’t as… MIA? Just a killer roots rock tone. Now, realistically, I don’t use that tone much, but my pops is a roots rock machine so, maybe for Christmas? It’s definitely tempting. And I love knowing that I can get this tone with no compromises in other areas. Just a killer pedal even if it isn’t one I’d use much.

Finally, the SYOD v1. Definitely my gem of this tourbox, which is unsurprising since it is my gem on my board generally. I REALLY like the mids knob for dialing in rhythm tones on this beast. I felt like that extra control really made a lot of the settings that I have recorded with but never gigged way more useful. For instance, I love the SYOD as a booster, and with the mids and treb knob you can really sculpt the tone of your lead boost. Secondly, I have recorded rhythms with the gain dimed MANY times, but it always took a Re-EQing of my amp and/or my SBEQ to make it work vs my
normal settings. With the mids knob, I found I could easily have both that bright rock rhythm (kinda reminds me of a jtm with less compression?) while keeping my BJFE SYODv1 set as my sparkle driver. I think the SYODv1 from Bearfoot is my next drive…even though I already have a BJFE v1. I love the idea of a rock rhythm dimed gain Bearfoot v1 into my HBOD- that mids knob can really dial you in to the amps eq and makes it way more flexible. And its obviously still my favorite drive.”  (USA, November 2012)

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