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The original Model H. Is it a Hiwatt-in-a-box? Maybe…but Dan Baird calls it “Hell-in-a-box!” And that’s a good thing. 🙂

Runs at 8V-12V.

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In Issue 137 of Tone Report (July 22, 2016), the BearFoot FX Model H 3-Knob is pictured and mentioned in the article “The Who’s Live at Leeds: A Primer For Pete Townshend’s Tone” by Yoel Kreisler

The original Model H 3-Knob – no Treble control, but the Tone control does some of that, too. Listen to the vids!!!


Warner E. Hodges and Dan Baird

Curtis Kent

Comparison Demos (Model H 4-Knob vs. Model H 3-Knob)

Mike Hermans

Harry Maes


Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR: S-style and LP-style guitars into a Groove Tubes Soul-o-45 combo that I was occasionally running into a Mesa 3/4back 2×12

Model HCan I say Stadium Rock? This one sounds HUGE. Gnarly, nasty rock distortion that loves big open chords… To me, the H is one of those distortion pedals that accomplished to combine compression and clarity in the notes, even at higher gain settings. Really amazing. And man does it sound fat! Unfortunately, I was bound to play the Tourbox at apartment levels only. The MH made me want to crank it up!

Any ACDC fan could be happy with the gain at minimum and allegedly some people demand a lower gain version of the MH but I found that working the volume knob helps here quite well. Amazing how dynamic the pedal was. In my opinion it works well with humbuckers as well as with singlecoils.  If you are looking for an alternative to the ever present Marshall in a Box tones, take a look at the MH.”  (Germany, November 2011)

2)  GEAR: G&L ASAT classic bluesboy into a Laney VC30

“Model H…Of the three drives, this was the pedal I expected to like the least. Mainly due to the reason that the last Hiwatt voiced pedal (WIIO) wasn’t really what I was looking for. But boy was I wrong. This pedal totally blew me out of the water and I’m getting it ASAP. Highlights: It is Hiwatt voiced but you can dial most of that sort of muffled tone out and just get a really beautiful overdrive/distortion sound. It is incredibly versatile just by turning the volume knob of your guitar, because it cleans up so well for a pedal with that much gain. And the best part is that you can dial in quite a bit of drive, but still play full chords because the strings sound so well defined.”  (Germany, December 2011)

3)  [GEAR: Various!]

Model H…we have volume and drive and an interesting 3rd control that is not only an EQ control. It also changes the head room and the feel of the pedal. Like the Dyna Red, this pedal can be run at alternative voltages, anything between 8v and 12v works!

The description on the Bearfoot FX website tells me that the Model H is delivering Hiwatt tones, pissed of Hiwatt tones. Having played some old Hiwatts throughout the years, I would say that they are best known for their amazing clean and low gain tones. So when I started testing the model H with Vol and Drive about halfway, I was in for a surprise. I wasn’t expecting this amount of gain from a Hiwatt-inspired pedal! I found a very good impression of the Hiwatt crunch at lower settings of the Drive control. This is a crunch with a specific feel and it’s hard to describe but the Model H does come really really close. Play it thru a loud amp and you’d fool anybody. All the dynamics are there as well and just as the amp, the pedal reacts really well on being driven with other pedals. Put a boost in front of it for more fun and gain! I tried different guitars and got very good results with all of them.

So I went back to my 1st setting as what I initially heard had peaked my interest. Turning the drive control up above 11:00 will get you into unknown territory as no Hiwatt I have played ever had this amount of gain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not metal-gain but just a great rock tone. The tones I discovered with the gain around and above noon were simply stunning. I wasn’t expecting this but I simply could not stop playing and I found some stellar rock tones. Think early Black Crowes tones, crunchy smooth tones that breathe and have a lot of dynamics. Between a Tele and a LP, all sorts of great tones will become available as the Model H, like the other Bearfoot FX pedals, cleans up really nicely. I ended up having the Drive just above noon, the volume just above unity gain (about 11:00) and the EQ to taste. The pedal on its own got me great rhythm tones, a simple booster in front was all I needed for big fat lead tones.

Surprisingly, the Model H was the highlight for me out of the 4 Bearfoot FX pedals I got to try. I got way more out of this pedal then I was expecting. The Hiwatt-crunch is there but the tones beyond that are what sets this pedal apart. I absolutely loved every minute I was plugged into it and I hate not being allowed to keep it!”  (Belgium, January 2012)

4)  GEAR: Marshall JCM 800 2×12 combo, one channel, on the high input. The guitar was a strat with ’69 pickups.

Model H…Now, this pedal simply amazed me. Great tone, sustain for days, a lot of gain on tap. It was great with my rig, and cleaned up really well with the volume knob. It was great for soloing, but I always found myself using it when I was playing rhythm, it excelled at those power chords and palm mutes. Definitely will be considering one in my future, for when I have to turn the volume down, or get a different flavor of distortion from my amp.”  (Slovenia, February 2012)

5)  GEAR: Princeton Reverb…a combination of Strats and Teles

“Model H…I really enjoyed this and even though I have never played through a Hiwatt it conjured up a lot of what I’d expect from that amp – very full sounding across the board, it invites you to thrash out huge Pete Townsend chords and it is very dynamic. This pedal loved my amp and I could
imagine leaving it on for a full gig and just using the guitar volume and maybe some form of boost for leads!”  (UK, April 2012)

6)  GEAR: Strat, Tele and LP into a TK Imperial

“I’ll start with the Model H. Wow! Instant love. I was hoping I would like the H but from the demo’s was unsure if I would get along with it, but was really unprepared for how instantly we made love! Something you can never really tell from demo’s is playing dynamics. The H has this beautiful compression, amongst other thigs, that really works for me, for my playing style. Not too much, but just the right ammount to get me to dig in. It’s a part of the pedals whole ‘Touch Sensitivity’ aspect. I dont think I have ever played a pedal quite like it in terms of tone. The distortion/drive is biting, but not harsh, clear and almost like a ‘clean distortion’, with a great ammount of fat grind that puts me in mind of a Tweed-type overdrive, yet tonaly different. Very natural sounding, and had the trick of making a 1X12 combo sounding much bigger and punchier. And what a FAT-Arse it has! Almost as if the bass jumps out of the mix, without becoming unbalanced with the rest of the strings. Played with strat, tele and LP into a TK imperial, the H exibited a beautiful harmonic ‘Bloom’ all over the neck that translated into a fluid and quick feeling lead tone. Not just for rhythm then!

Instantly, and convincingly, reminisant of Townsend and Gilmour, I found I could cover a whole gammut of early blues and rock with the H just using the drive knob alone. It has a very cool trick of being able to sound vintage and modern at the same time, just depending upon the context of your playing. For the most part I kept the drive at 12 and the Nature at 12.30, but it is interesting how these two knobs interact with each other. Very similar to a DAM Sonic Titan. The Drive controls the gain as well as varying the tone a little too, and is then influenced again by that curious ‘Nature’ conrol. First time I’ve come across one and it’s very interesting. Designed to replicate how moving a mike on a cab would affect the tone? To me, it seemed to do several different things at once, but subtly, and definatly expands on the typical tonal palette of a standard tone control. Between that and the superb volume-knob interaction on the guitar there really is a deceptive ammount of variation – all great – that the H is capable of. For me, the H was one outstanding pedal and my next planned purchase. I dont think I could live without one now!”  (UK, April 2012)

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