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Dyna RedHot Distortion


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The Dyna RedHot Distortion takes your Dyna Red vintage Marshall stack sound and HotMods it! Comes standard with the all-important Limited Edition “Sparkleflame” paint job.

Runs at 5V-15V.

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The Dyna RedHot takes your Dyna Red vintage Marshall stack sound and HotMods it with more presence, edge and roar! And it adds a more versatile Tone knob, too. What’s unexpected is that the guitar volume knob interaction is amazing, really. It retains the proper balance all the way down, so you can easily pick your most distorted sound on the pedal controls and do the rest from your guitar.

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Mike Hermans


Harry Maes

Harry Maes (Dyna RedHot and Dyna Red 3-Knob Comparison Vid)

Mike Hermans (Medium to High Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1) vintage Strat with medium pickups
My two Teuffel teslas
Bogner Metropolis 1×12 combo
Fryette Deliverance with a 2×12 cab
and a vintage Deluxe Reverb combo

“Dyna Red Hot Distortion…A real Marshall in a box.  Also very dynamic and organic sounding, with a wide range of usable tones. I very much preferred it with my lunatic green tesla (which has a more vintage character then my stealth tesla) through my Bogner Metropolis. With a flick of a switch we went from clean to a tube like mean and scream…”  (Europe, May 2012)

2)  2013 Am Std Tele, 1997 Jackson AT1 w/ EJ Custom pups, 2010 Gibson SG, 2009 Electromatic 5120 w/TV Jones Classics through EVH5150iii w/ EVH 2×12

“The Dyna… the second I switched it in on (with gain on minimum!) it was Black Shucking like nothing else. Bringing the gain up and things just got more fun! I’ve always struggled with high-gain pedals as none seemed to keep a nice big bottom end in the sound without being mush, and I don’t want bite-your-face-off metal tones. This is the first one that makes me feel like I could use the pedal in lieu of the Marshall or EVH amp’s gain. Hell, I can use the AC15 when jamming with the (much) heavier of my 2 bands! Admittedly I haven’t tried the Elements yet which gets rave reviews, but I want a DynaRedHot! Oh – aaaand the excellent volume pot cleanup to boot…”  (Australia, November 2012)

3)  Guitars: 2009 PRS Mira, 50’s reissue Telecaster and ’74 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (mini humbuckers)…audio interface and unknown amp

Dyna Red Hot DistortionIf you want real melted iron distortion, then this is the pedal for you. Somehow this pedal manages to push out screaming jet turbine distortion, yet with a sweet edge to it that doesn’t irritate the ears… Aesthetically, I liked the ‘swirl’ paint design on the Dyna Red too.”  (Australia, May 2012)

4)  [GEAR unknown]

“DynaRed Hot: this is the prize of the litter to my ears. Perhaps as much because of simplicity. It takes the gain of the Honeybeest up a notch, with a simple post distortion EQ. Also “open” in the sense of letting the guitar and amp shine thru. Decay of notes is smooth, and turning down cleans it up despite being fairly high gain. It’s a bit “toothier” than the Honeybee/Beest, with a little more edge to the distortion, especially with the treble cranked. There’s also a bit more hiss, but it’s not a problem at these gain levels. Interestingly, it most closely matches the gain and EQ range of my big box rat than any of the other pedals, although when cranked it lets more of the guitar’s tone shine thru, the Rat gets a little boxy. Both DRH and HBT stack well with other pedals (I used a Rat and a Bluesbreaker), before or after…I’ve got to say the new cosmetics are nice, especially the ghost flames on the Dyna Red Hot…”  (USA, February 2012)

5)  GEAR: Fender Baja Tele, Gibson SG w/P-90s, PRS SE Custom w/hot pups…Blues Jr., Blues Deluxe, Blackstar Artisan 15, Egnater Tweaker through a 2X12 cab w/Hellatone 30 & 60, old hot-modded Peavey Classic 30

Dyna Red Hot Distortion: This one is a complete winner when dimed, and not too shabby at other settings, either! Like the Model H, it just feels good to play…somewhat like fuzz but voiced completely differently from the Model H.  This baby is useable (to say the least) at all settings. It’s thick, it screams, it’s got almost too much gain! No…that’s impossible. It’s just a pleasure to play. It has plenty of low end and mids, and sounds somewhat like a fuzz at max. REALLY WANT.”  (USA, June 2012)

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