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Candiru Apple Fuzz – Gated Silicon


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Rip it up with the Candiru!

Runs at 8V-18V.

The Candiru is the rudest and rippingest of the Candy Apple Foursome, featuring increased gating abilities to the left side of the Nature knob, and a silicon velcro heart overall.

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Lance Seymour – Candy Apple Fuzz Comparison


Mike Hermans

Mike Hermans (CAF Comparison Vid)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  Strats into my Vox Ac15HW1 and My Vox Pathfinder 15r

“Candiru Apple Fuzz – I will start by saying I have never tried a Bearfoot fuzz before, but this is a great way to get my introduction to the fuzzy side of the line. This pedal can sound like many fuzzes, depending on where you park the knobs. I hear fuzzface, Tonebender, Octavia, And Super Fuzz tones. I think it is some kind of Super Fuzz variation, because it can really get the super fat octave rich nasty of the SF circuit, but with a real volume control. But the fuzz knob has many shades of sick, I tended to turn it up a lot and ride my gtr volume for a lot of tones, but the controls should
really be worked to get the full range of sick tones. The Nature knob can get right on that octave sound or back away from it a bit. I loved the tone knob up for a more open full range experience, but it is a remarkable control that works well in its whole range. The gated quality is always there, but it can be made more or less gated by trying the knobs too. The gated quality ruins some fuzz boxes, but it liberates this one to give up the goods without going so bright & hairy it spoils the whole thing. I never felt like it choked back an idea i had, it seemed pliable and “musical” to use an overused word. Some of these type boxes lack the correct amount of volume when gated too, but the CAF has much volume, watch out even. It can rock your sh*t pretty hard. Overall, i have found my new octave style fuzz, it was hard packing this up and sending, but i am also good and broke at the moment, so i feel some pedal sales to get some play money. I will have a CANDIRU!!!”  (USA, April 2014)

2)  Danelectro with 3 single coils, an Ibanez TS15 TubeScreamer amp

“Candiru Apple Fuzz – This pedal was really cool. As _____ said, it is a spitty, gated fuzz. The nature knob changes the way the gating works. You get more gating with the knob to the left and less to the right. I spent most of my time tweaking this knob in conjunction with the volume knob on the guitar. I dimed the fuzz and left the volume and tone controls mostly at noon. The fuzz tone is reminiscent of a ToneBender to my ears. The
difference being that you don’t have the lengthy sustain due to the gating. I love this effect, especially since it keeps the general noise/squealing of a dimed fuzz under control when you quit picking a note or chord. Basically it lets the notes die. Very cool.

I liked the left side at first (more gating), but in the end I preferred the right side more (less gating). You still have a gated effect to the right, but you get a bit more sustain before note death. I could go on and on about this pedal….but I will spare everyone.”  (USA, April 2014)

3)  GEAR: 2013 Gibson SG Standard w/Travis Morris Alnico II humbuckers into a Fender Hot Rod Deville MKIII 4×10 with two stock speakers swapped with low-wattage Weber Alnicos

“The Candiru Apple Fuzz was a monster. I absolutely adored the gated sound you could get from it, and found a ton of uses for it combined with my other pedals. Versatility is the name of this fuzz, I could go from PPF-like sounds with the nature knob cranked, to more sputtery/octave stuff as it was lowered. In the clip you can hear the knob being turned as the circuit is being rebiased to the different types. A lot of gain with this one as well, it can get pretty fat sounding!”  (Canada, May 2014)

4)  GEAR: Les Paul (with humbuckers 490r and 498t) and a 62 AVRI Tele through a Fender Champ 600 and a Silverface Twin Reverb

“Candiru – This one I liked quite a lot. I spent a lot of time tweaking knobs and getting varying levels of sputtery gated goodness. I must admit I was expecting this fuzz to be a lot harder to tame than it turned out to be. This is nothing like a Fuzz Factory where the knob placement is so sensitive that getting consistent good useable gated tones is a challenge – in the case of the Candiru, it’s very simple to get great tones without having to spend a ton of time twisting knobs. It reminded me a bit of the PTD mini bone in certain settings but less horn-like. It also reminded me of a silicon fuzz face when using less gated settings. This one is versatile for sure. I would love to try more fuzzes from Bearfoot, specifically something with
germanium transistors just to hear the difference.”  (USA, July 2014)

5) GEAR: 2005 Crook Custom Telecaster w/ G-Bender, Peter Florance Voodoo TE50 Bridge, Adder neck…2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional with stock Classic ’57 Pickups…2010 Dr. Z Prescription Junior 1×12 combo

Candiru Apple Gated Silicon Fuzz: I’m starting with this one because it is my absolute favorite, and I’ve become more of a fuzz junkie in recent months. First off, the paint scheme on this thing is fantastic. I just like looking at the dang thing. Knobs and jacks are all secure and have no
additional noise (except the Nature knob, which makes that crackling sound when turning it to adjust it, which freaked me out to begin with). The only thing associated with the knobs I would change is the inclusion of some form of directions. I had no idea what the N stood for, and all the sudden it was crackling and making some crazy scratching bad-pot sounds as I turned it. After testing with it, it made sense, but my concern is someone just getting it and not knowing could potentially think there’s a problem with it. [BearFoot:  “Working on simple Manuals!”] Aside from that little detail, there’s absolutely nothing else bad to say about this pedal. I preferred running it over the top in all of it’s sputtery goodness, but it’s capable of so much more. Wide open on the fuzz and the nature knob up sounds like two gremlins getting into a glorious argument and fist fight inside my amp. I freakin’ love it! I stayed mostly on the upper fuzz range, but man it’s capable of some sweet and smooth tones with the fuzz down and playing with the volume knob, or into a boost that bumps the mids a bit. There’s literally no positions on the knobs that didn’t sound amazing. Humbuckers with the Candiru = rock and roll heaven. I am a tele guy all the way, but I could see grabbing for my Les Paul instinctively with this pedal. It seems to break up faster because of the higher output pickups. Aside from that small gripe (that is a very small thing), it’s by far my favorite crazy fuzz to date. In fact, I’m likely going to buy one as soon as I can move some stuff in the emporium, haha.”  (USA, August 2014)

6)  GEAR: Tele through an SF Princeton Reverb

Candiru Fuzz:: Ok, I thought this might be very good, and it is. It’s very much like the CAF Gold and Silver in terms of EQ and Gain (and wonderfully rumbling low end like an amp blowing up) but with a more glorious explosion of fuzzy end-of-the-world joy with each pick stroke. Skies split open into golden burning visions, heavenly choruses burst hearts everywhere, etc. Wow! You really need to play both the pedal and the guitar together to get it going because it is set up up to do the scritchy dying away thing rather than sustain notes so you need to find your own happy medium
coincidence of all settings to get the levitation thing going. Also, you may need to keep the Nature knob slightly away from dead noon to avoid
cancellation and neutering of the blast frequencies. But, this pedal spits, snarls and delivers bomb blasts on every downstroke in a beautifully raw and ragged kind of way. If the impolite howl of a dying universe is your thing you might like this. I sure did. My favorite.”  (USA, July 2014)

7)  GEAR: Nik Huber Orca ’59 and PRS Custom 22 (both with PAF style humbuckers), Peavey JSX combo amp (120W with EL34s)

Candiru Fuzz: As a proud owner of a Silver CAF, I can say I loved this pedal. On a side to side comparison, even when dialing the gate off, the Candiru sounded thicker, and a tiny bit gainier than the CAF. I especially liked how the N knob controls the effects in a similar fashion on both
pedals. The Candiru is about that gated sound and the Silver CAF is about octaves. Some will say a gated fuzz is a little bit of a one trick pony. I think it would be a great addition to the fuzz arsenal, not to mention a great overdubbing tool.”  (USA, September 2014)

8)  GEAR: Suhr classic S & Gibson CC15 into Morgan PR12 and my 65′ super reverb

“Next up is the Candidru, I loved it! I really liked the gating effect when i turned my volume knob down on the guitar. It’s not suitable for all songs, but that’s not the pedal’s fault of course. I find it to be a great fuzz and I sometimes would even kick it in during songs where I wouldn’t have
considered using fuzz otherwise. With this and my PTD Bone Machine I would probably cover all the fuzz tones I could ever need!! I really liked how I could generate octave sounds from the Candiru as well and how the fuzz could be manipulated with the volume knob on my guitar. It wouldn’t
become pristine clean like a fuzz face for example but that isn’t what I’m looking for with this fuzz either, the volume knob on the guitar changes the gain, tone and the way the pedal reacts to your playing. I really loved this pedal!”  (Holland, August 2014)



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