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Burgundy BossHorn Silicon Fuzz


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This is the NEW version of the BBHF…the Burgundy BossHorn Silicon Fuzz.
Just. plain. RUDE.

Runs at 8V-18V.

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The Burgundy BossHorn Silicon Fuzz…it’s as grotesquely beautiful as its sound.

The Burgundy BossHorn Fuzz was originally intended to be a Limited Edition pedal based around a handful of very cool germanium transistors Bjorn found. They took the old Bosstone circuit in a unique direction. Well, those are gone and there are no more to be found, so we re-tweaked the circuit for silicon trannies and more ‘Horn…like switching from trombone to trumpet! Faster, spittier, more aggressive sustained tones are HERE with the new Burgundy BossHorn Fuzz Silicon…same look, different sound! (You’ll find an ‘S’ for silicon on the back to differentiate between the two.)

See our original Burgundy BossHorn Fuzz for details, demos and reviews!



Mike Hermans

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