Baby Pink Booster (Clean Boost + Buffer) (Limited Edition)


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NEW! A batch of Baby Pink Boosters…limited availability!

Deluxify your drives! If you've seen the very expensive BJFe Honey Bee, Baby Blue and Emerald Green “Deluxes,” this is what's in there besides the drive circuit. The BPB is the buffer and the boost for those, so put the BPB at the end of your dirt section and “Deluxe” them all.

8V-18V for more headroom and clarity if needed.

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“Btw, I can't begin to say how much i love the Baby Pink Booster, it's just the greatest pedal ever. So subtle but it lifts everything so perfectly without knowing anything happened.”~ Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Hard Working Americans, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals)



The Baby Pink Booster gives you 15 dbs of clean, guitar-friendly boost and a tasty buffer. This is your “more” button. It really sounds like you’re turning your amp up. The difference is that in addition to raising the level, it also adds harmonic “pre-distortion” content that improves the dynamics and clarity of your signal. And you get subtle EQ shaping just like your amp offers as it gets louder so your tone and even your other effects will benefit from the BPB in line. And, of course, the BJFe buffer also repairs your clean tone from cable impedance imbalances.

This is the tastiest buffer/booster combo and really…everyone should have one. It’s the perfect “more” button and the buffer is just right to restore your pedal chains’ treble to full awesome.




Warner E. Hodges & Dan Baird

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR:  2000 Vox AC30 with Greenbacks, a Marshall Class 5 Combo, and a Taylor 410ce direct to the PA. The electric guitars used were a 2004 American Strat with Duncan Vintage Singlecoils and a JB Jr. in the bridge and an American Vintage ‘72 Tele Thinline with WRHBs.

“Baby Pink Boost:  Great, simple boost! One knob that should be labeled “Awesome” or “Go!” It tends to work better with an already cooking amp, I believe. At bedroom volumes the pedal was a little lackluster but when switched to a stage setting and a Vox volumed at NOON, look out. Adds some girth, grit and OOMPH to your tone and a buffer to boot! Looks can be deceiving and a one-knob boost may make you overlook it as overly simplistic. Don’t. This one rocks. It’s like the SBEQ without the equalization.”  (USA, May 2013)

2)  GEAR:  Taylor 810-L1, G&L Legacy, Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe, Amps: Orange AD30TC, Gibson Skylark-5T

“Baby Pink Booster – I was also curious about this pedal, as I already have what I consider to be two excellent boost pedals in my arsenal right now…I found that the BPB compared reasonably well with [both]…The thing I noticed the most, however, was what the buffer of the BPB added to my signal chain. The [others] are both true-bypass, so there was a little bit of tone loss running guitar->[pedal 1]>[pedal 2]>amp with some of my
longer cables. Adding the BPB after [one pedal] restored the punch and sweetness to the tone, even with the pedal off. I’d be very curious to see a standalone version of the buffer at some point.”  (USA, August 2013)

3)  Gear used: Vox NT50 head with Emperor 2×12 cab, Valvetrain 205 1×8″ combo, custom 22-watt 6L6 amp with VHT 2×12″ cab, various guitars (Guild, ESP, Sweetwood) with humbuckers and P90s (no single coils around).

“Baby Pink Booster: OK, so I cheated and couldn’t wait for the tourbox, so I bought one of these about a week before receiving the tourbox, since I knew I would like it, and I was right! First off, the buffer is excellent, but the boost is definitely where it shines. I definitely use this as an always-on pedal, post-dirt, pre-delay. Adds some nice top end and just rounds things out, gives everything a bit more push and power, just like it’s supposed to, I guess! One thing I really like is that even with the knob all the way off, you can still hear the buffer working, and barely boosting things. There is an appreciable difference that only gets more dramatic as you increase the volume. When I was considering buying this, I was torn between the BPB and another boost/buffer pedal, but that one went up to +30db, and I believe the Bearfoot is only +18 db. As it turns out, that is more that enough, but also just right for me. Because this is a pedal that sounds awesome all the way down, OR all the way up! I tried it with a few different amps at home and at my friend’s store, and with the right amp, you could get by with just this pedal pushing the tubes, and riding your volume knob. But like I said, I use it as an always-on booster-enhancer. Really makes cleans sing, and makes dirt soar. A+!”  (USA, April 2013)

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