Fuzz – sounds like the plural of fun to me! ; ]

So if you wanted to gather all of the fun, fuzzy sounds from the ’60s and ’70s and divide them into two pedals that would cover most of those sounds, you would have the Candy Apple and Pink Purple Fuzzes.


The Candy Apple Fuzz collects a lot of the big grindy, gatey, spitty fuzzes into one small 9v w/LED space…and also includes the best octave I’ve heard as it tracks the whole neck. The CAF comes in two flavors:  Gold and Silver. Gold is the smoother, singing musical tones of germanium transistors. Silver is the more raspitty, velcroey sounds of silicon transistors (the lettering denotes Gold or Silver). Also available now are the Gated versions of both the Gold and Silver CAFs for even more crazy fun!



The Pink Purple covers many of those Pink Floyd/Purple Haze-era, useful singing fuzz tones that you will immediately know what to do with. And the more unruly, obnoxious fuzz tones fall to the Candy Apple side of things, with gating and grinding and an octave that actually goes the whole length of the neck.

Not that long ago it was considered truly amazing how these two could do all of this AND have LED indicators and standard 9v power inlets and not be affected much by the buffers in many other pedals which often made fuzzes unusable in most gigging situations.



And there was still a spot for a fuzz that really acted and reacted like those old ones, but was sculpted just enough to sit in and cut through a full band mix like an arctic wind…