Compressors/Boosts/EQs/Modulation…The Clean Machines!

Even a classic guitar/amp combo can be enhanced with a few well-placed quality tools.

A singing amp is a wondrous thing to play, but how often do we get to turn our amps up loud enough to compress on their own?



The Pale Green Compressor is designed to compress your signal the same way your amp does when it’s running hot and the tubes, transformers and speakers begin to compress and sustain…and the playing becomes naturally effortless.

The Ever Green Compressor takes over from there and can provide a variety of compression scenarios, from unnaturally long sustained notes to faux feedback. From “sings without squealing” to almost comically squished-out rubber notes that are still much fun to play.


Vibrato, or frequency modulation, can add life to a guitar sound. The Mini Vibe is unique in that it does a sort of 3D trem-vibe without getting ‘seasicky’ like a Univibe. This is very important if you actually want to play with other musicians…especially vocalists!


After all the the dirt and compression have been added to the stacks, sometimes the best thing to have is a proper EQ adjustment. The Sea Blue EQ retains the warmth and dynamics of your analog signal, while giving you control over the 2 most important frequency bands for guitar, which are also not quite what’s on most amp tone stacks.


And perhaps the most useful addition to your set of effects is a simple level boost and a tone loss correcting buffer. The Baby Pink Booster is deceptively simple. It’s a guitar-friendly, harmonically correct boost of your signal that just sounds like YOU turned up. But it’s not that simple because many little things change as you turn your amp up, which is why most ‘clean boosts’ don’t sound quite right. The BPB also has a just-right, guitar-friendly buffer that heals your signal after it’s gone through so much cable.