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Purple Plexifier


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The One Control Purple Plexifier…designed by BJF!

It’s HERE! Only ONE left IN STOCK!

BearFoot FX Introduces One Control BJF Series!

Now you can own a Björn Juhl-designed quality product that has great tone, but uses little real estate on your board!

BearFoot FX presents the BJF-designed One Control Purple Plexifier!

From Tone Report, Issue 136, “Now Play This // Buzzworthy Gear” Section!

Read the One Control Purple Plexifier Review from Issue 143 (Sept. 2, 2016) of Tone Report by Ian Garrett!

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The same article (above) made it into the Tone Report Weekly 2016 FX Buyers Guide!





Mike Hermans

Hans Johansson

Jake Cloudchair


One Control Tourbox Reviews (The Gear Page)

GEAR USED: Les Paul with BurstBucker Pro (underwound) through a Marshall reissue 50w redone to ’68 spec, Germino 2×12 with EC Collins grillecloth and Celestion G12-C greenbacks

“This one is similar to the SROD but with “more”. More distortion, slightly more gain, more punch, just bigger. Typically I do not like “Marshallesque” boxes with my rig because of too much frequency competition. The Plexifier did not have that problem. I didn’t mess with the “middle” trimpot for that very reason. So with that feature alone, it allows clean amp/blackface/non-middy amp users to make up some ground or allows Marshall/Vox/Tweed people to use it as well with out getting a “cocked wah” tone (unless that’s your thing). The mid control is very nice and adds versatility. It shares a bit of the master volume style control but I was still able to use it as a boost or full out OD. The treble control was still the style with the small, conservative taper. Volume cleanup was very good. It reminded me of the original Wampler Plexidrive and the Fulltone Plimsoul. But I would pick the Plexifier over those two.”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: PRS SE w/SD humbuckers through a clean Fender Blues Deluxe

“This one was also love at first strum as I wasn’t expecting such a huge, dirty and sustaining sound from such a small pedal! It was only after playing for a while and going back and forth between dirt pedals that I realized there’s a lack of midrange from this one for my taste. Luckily, there’s a trimpot on the side of the pedal to remedy that! I used a jeweler’s flat head screwdriver to easily adjust the trimpot, ending up at about the halfway mark or lower to make the PP sound substantially better. That trimpot makes quite a noticeable difference, and it’s possible to set it for too much midrange. But it’s easily accessible and only needs to be turned off (not completely disconnected) for safe adjustment. I did a direct comparison of this one and the BearFoot Dyna RedHot Distortion. I was able to come very close to duplicating the sound of the BearFoot, but in the end found the DRHD to be somewhat fuller-sounding, making it slightly superior in my eyes. That said, I doubt I’d notice much of a (if any) difference if the DRHD weren’t going head-to-head with the PP. Like the ABD, the PP is sheer fun to play, and offers about as much gain as well. Too much, I suppose, for my genre preferences, but it’s easy to get hooked into playing for hours when you’re able to come up with such saturation and harmonic ability thanks to this pedal. I liked the Distortion at all settings (even full up!), the Tone anywhere from 11:00 to 3:00, and the Volume was at unity for me at about 11:00. The Midrange adjustment was a huge help and almost a necessity for me…Great fun and nearly tied with the ABD for “most addictive” to play!”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: stock Fender Esquire, and my 90’s Guild S100 with Gibson 57’s through a 3rd Power Dream Weaver MKII (w/Plexi channel, and a Fender channel that has either the tweed or blackface voicing)

“Aside from the Strawberry overdrive, this was the other one I was most looking forward to trying. I really wanted that sort of plexi feel, and it really delivered. I was able to dial in the trim pot to work best with my amp and the trim pot worked as advertised. It has a really nice range of gain available. I felt like I could get very clean with it, and then get very dirty as well. There was a really wide array of tones available. And yes, the feel is right on this one. A lot of plexi pedals just don’t have the correct feel, but this one gets it really close to the real deal.

One of my favorite things to do with these pedals was to dial this pedal in for low to medium dirt, and then boost it with the Strawberry Red Overdrive. There were so many dirt flavors available with the combination. By doing that, you could get in the ball park of what the Anodized Brown Distortion provided. In a way, you could get the Purple and the Strawberry and between the two almost get everything you’d want. It was a powerful combo.”  (USA, July 2016)

GEAR USED: Schecter with EMG 81/85 actives; two Ibanez’s: a classic Roadstar II completely stock and one loaded with DiMarzio Crunch Lab (passive also) through an Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII and Peavey MH25 (closed back Mesa 2×12 cab)

“This was the pedal that I liked best with the EMGs although it sounded great, musical and unique with each guitar and amp combo I tried. Even better when boosted. The gain is smooth all through out but I really noticed increases around 10:00 all the way through about 3:00 or 4:00. My favorite setting for gain here was between 2/3:00 and then kicked in with my Maxon 808TSOD. I feel Purple was the most versatile of the pedals in the box. More gears to it, whether you dialed it back or up, played it alone or boosted. Overall I played with and on this pedal more than the other 3 for the time the tour box was in my possession. It has an overall warm tone. It has some nice bottom end to it. This pedal is VERY articulate through all gain settings which I really like. Notes in chords could be heard, digging in was musical.”  (USA, August 2016)

・High quality compact cut-out aluminum case
・Can be powered by battery


Input impedance: 94K
Output impedance: 5K
Drive voltage: 6V~18V
Current consumption: 4mA @ 9V
S/N ratio: -70dBm/
Size: 1.5W x 4D x 1.3H inches (excluding protruding parts)
1.85 W x 4D x 1.9H inches (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 5.6 oz. (7.1 inches with battery included)
* Battery not included.