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Pink Purple Fuzz


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The Pink Purple Fuzz…

Is it Pink (Floyd)? Is it Purple (Haze)? Is it fuzz? Is it distortion? Is it
overdrive? It IS the original Fuzzdrive and after 10 years as a revered BJFe model, the PPF is resurrected as a BearFoot model.

Runs at 8V-18V.

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Take all the fuzz tones from the ’60s and ’70s…(the crazier octaves, gates and spitty chainsaw tones are in the Candy Apple Fuzz).

The PPF houses all the useful daily fuzz tones that you will immediately know what to do with…Jimi to Neil to Trower to Montrose…and then it also blurs the line between fuzz, distortion and overdrive all the way down to just barely gritty, edgy tones.

The PPF is very high gain and very low noise.

The Middle knob is a very versatile EQ control that will take you through a whole range of useful fuzz tones.

High gain…low noise…LED…regular 9V adapter…unaffected by pedals around it…does not give a rat’s ass where it is in the chain unlike most fuzzes!


Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Jack Fossett

Jack Fossett


Mike Hermans


           Pink Purple Fuzz vs. Arctic White Fuzz

Jack Fossett

Mike Hermans (Medium to High Gain Shootout)

Mike Hermans (Low to Medium Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants

1)  Guitars used: R8 Les Paul, Grosh ElectraJet w/ Fralin P-90s, & a 1983 G&L SC2 which tonally is somewhere between a strat & a tele, with a little more fullness from the MFD pups. Amps: Matamp GT-100, Morgan AC-20DLX.

“Lastly, the PPF. I have played the original version but only briefly. I did not have a clear remembrance of what to expect so I was excited to explore the pedal anew. What I did remember is it being somewhat mild type of fuzz and not one that left a huge immediate impression. To my surprise, though, I think this turned out to be my favorite one of the bunch. It won’t sustain for days and it won’t get nasty like a lot of fuzzes, the CAF in particular, but what I did find was a nuanced and absolutely beautiful tone. This is likely to be my next pedal purchase. I really fell in love with its inherent sound, which for lack of a better term, to me sounded somewhat mournful. It was a sound that got to me emotionally. It’s a sound that I may not have appreciated as much in the past. These days, with the music I play, I actually think this could be a foundation tone. It is just so dynamic and touch sensitive, like all of the BF pedals, but for a so-called fuzz pedal this reminded me more of a really great overdrive. It is not the pedal you can hide behind. If you make mistakes, they will come through, but so will all of the emotion that you pour into your playing. I may have liked this best with my Les Paul, but I think you would have to work pretty hard to make it sound bad. From indie rock riffing to delicate solos I just couldn’t get enough of this pedal. It may not be for everybody but I was surprised to find that it suited me absolutely perfectly.”  (USA, October 2013)

2)  GEAR used: 1968 Fender Twin Reverb and my Reinhardt Sentinel, which is a JTM45 clone. I used my 335 with low output humbuckers…

“PPF: At the moment this is my favorite with both the Twin and the Reinhardt. If you crossed a MkII Tonebender with a Fuzz Face, it would be this. Into the Twin it’s great for more intense 60’s psychedelic rock stuff with the gain up higher, but with the tone rolled back and the fuzz at around half way, it really nails a good blues-rock tone. Into the cranked up Reinhardt it was the perfect fuzz for me. Big and warm but with enough attack and spit to cut through and sound a little nasty. It’s got a surprising amount of gain and is very versatile. I can see me owning one of these in the very near future.”  (USA, November 2013)

3)  Amps: Sewell Texaverb (blackface, set clean) and Fargen Mini Plex Mk.2 (Marshall, set to AC/DC gain levels)
Guitars: Hilbourne Broadcaster w/Don Mare 0038 pickups and R8 Les Paul with Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups

“Pink Purple Fuzz:  I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Like the EGDM, it has a very effective tone/voice/whatever knob that does a great job of controlling the lows. This can go from very tight, percussive lows to super loose, Neil Young, amp-exploding bass (all while keeping the highs intact). I’ve heard folks on here compare this pedal to both the Skreddy Top Fuel and also a Rat, and I can sort of see where they’re coming from in that all three can straddle the fuzz/distortion line pretty effectively. But I think the overall EQ is pretty different in each of them and I think the PPF does a better job as both a low gain fuzzy OD and a balls-out high gain fuzzy distortion.

The key to that is the EQing of the middle knob which lets you get some really impressive low-gain OD tones with big bass and excellent cleanup and then cut/tighten that bass when moving up the gain range — or add it back in to get woofy, germanium fuzzface tones in the higher gain ranges. I could see this being the one dirt pedal on my living room board, which I typically restrict to one dirt and one delay. It covers a ton of ground and sounds killer from one end to the other on the fuzz dial. And like the EGDM it excels into a dirty amp, either as a dirty boost or set like a fuzz face. Really impressed with this one.”  (USA, May 2013)

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