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Little Red Trebler (Buffered – Upper Frequency Enhancer)


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The Little Red Trebler is a simple treble enhancer (NOT a treble booster!) and includes the same fantastic buffer used in the Baby Pink Booster.

Runs at 9V.
Current draw is 2ma.

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This is one of those pedals you didn’t know you needed or even had any use for…until you hear it and then don’t want to be without it.
It’s just a simple treble enhancer, but it’s often the simple things that can be the most needed. And let’s be clear that this is NOT a vintage type “treble booster!” It’s a clean, pure enhancement of the leading edge treble in the guitar range, close to that of the bright switch on an old Fender amp. It puts you forward in the mix without increasing volume or messing with the rest of your sound.

The LRT also includes the same wonderful buffer you’ll find in the Baby Pink Booster.



Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR: Tele…amp(s) unknown

“LRT:  As [Donner] mentioned above, this pedal is perfect for enhancing the clean tone of a neck pickup. I especially dug it when playing fingerstyle – it gave a really sweet sparkle that made the notes jump out. It is the perfect treble tone – as [Donner] alluded to, it provides that classic fender high frequency tonal signature, which is awesome for me because my rig does not have that character.

This tourbox caught me at a good time because I am currently doing more with my Tele. I think these pedals excelled with the Tele in particular. I briefly checked them out with the semihollow and my jazz box but for me the benefits were no where near what you get when using a single coil rock machine.”  (USA, August 2014)

2)  GEAR: PRS Custom (SD Custom in the bridge, SD ’59 in the neck) through a stock Blues Jr. and a stock Blues Deluxe

“The long-awaited Little Red Trebler does exactly what it claims to do. There’s a good amount of high end available, though when maxed, it doesn’t sound at all ice picky (unless your other pedals/amp add too much treble, obviously). And it doesn’t add one bit of volume, so is not to be confused with a treble booster! I can see it coming in very handy with a pedal that is lacking in treble in your set-up (such as the Model G for me, as I like the Nature knob at about 9:00 or lower). The included buffer (same as the one in the BPB) is also very nice for those of us who use a long chain of pedals. I think it was well worth the wait for the buffer to be included. If you don’t use an EQ pedal, this would be a nice addition if you only need some more high end and a cleaner signal with some more sparkle. Great one-knobber!”  (USA, July 2014)

3)  GEAR: [mentioned in review]

“For me- the winner of the box was the Little Red Trebler. It snuck up on me- but with humbucker equipped guitars, I loved the way that I could some sparkle and a touch of compression, and maybe a subtle thinning of the mids? I know some guys are talking about using this thing to make amps sound more like Fenders, but to me- it helped me get my LP and my buddies 335 towards a more open sound- not really single coil like, but much closer to say Fender Wide Range tone vs the traditional PAF thing. Whenever I turned off the LRT, I enjoyed the way I normally sculpted my tone, but adding the LRT back on always made me smile and was a different flavor of my usual tone. This thing is subtle but fantastic in the way it just opens up your tone and lets you basically add shimmer (EQ, not the octave effect) to the edges of your tone when you want it. Its honestly addictive, and I normally prefer my tones on the darker side of things, so I had no expectation for the LRT to blow my mind. Its such an innovative pedal in my mind- because you can dial in the amount of bright switch that you want to add when you need a brighter tone. I agree that it is much less bright than I
expected, and mostly allows you a taper and add treble while opening up the frequency range. Its much different than where a treble knob typically affects the frequency response on an amp.

Adding it to the neck and middle positions on my LP was just incredible through every amp that I tried- and I really like my LP as is. I’d say the LRT let me use my LPs mid and neck settings to get the sort of tones that I normally associate with humbucker equipped teles- a sound that I really
enjoy!”  (USA, September 2014)

4)  GEAR: [unknown]

“Little Red Trebler:  It’s amazing how such a simple pedal (which really only does one thing) can be so great. I have a few older amps that are darker and have simplified EQs that I cannot get enough cut and clarity from (especially with anything other than a low output Fender style single coil). I’ve tried graphic EQs and a Treble Booster with the guitar volume rolled back but both options change the EQ and gain too drastically. Enter the LRT. It works exactly as they claim. Does NOT change the rest of the EQ. Does NOT add gain. Gives cut and clarity. Beautiful. I take to take up a space on my board for a pedal that only has a single function but it is nessisary and works beautifully so there you have it. Sold!”  (USA, November 2014)



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