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A significant part of the British Invasion of the 60's and 70's was not only bands, but equipment…particularly amplifiers.  Orange was a company that built an iconic sound and following starting in the late 60's with endorsers like Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac, and even Led Zeppelin.  By the mid to later 70's, Orange had exported around the world, and guitar players everywhere were captured by this raw sound that was so different from Marshall or Hiwatt……and so loud!

Björn is very familiar with this sound having played the amps in the late 70's and then going on to repair them as well.  He has captured this so-called crude distortion in the Fluorescent Orange Amp In A Box (FOAIAB) drive pedal.  With 56dB of gain and a noise level of about -80dB, the FOAIAB is ideal for classic and hard rock…even early metal…all the distortion…none of the noise.  The FOAIAB works best with humbucking pickups as do most distortion pedals, but there is more than enough thick distortion to satisfy the single coil and P-90 users as well.  With active pickups you get less of the dynamics, but a more fluent sound.

The Fluorescent Orange Amp In A Box has that immortal distortion we recall from the late 70's.

As with all the One Control BJF series pedals, the FOAIAB can be used anywhere in the signal chain, and we encourage you to experiment.  It can change the sound of your amp in its own, or be used as a pre-amp for other drives, or it can be used in series with any or all of the OC BJF pedals to create a new individual sound of your own.

BearFoot FX presents the BJF-designed One Control Fluorescent Orange Amp In A Box!



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One Control Tourbox Reviews (The Gear Page)

GEAR USED: Fender MIM Telecaster 72 Deluxe, Epiphone Les Paul, Vox AC15c1, Orange OR15, Fender Blues Deville

“boy was it ever. i borrowed my friend’s orange to see how this compared to an actual orange. crank the gain on the amp and the pedal with some drop C was instant stoner heaven and the pedal copped the amp’s sound one thousand percent. the pedal was less saggy than the amp, which i liked, and got a lot brighter and crisper sounding (e.g., less “vintage fuzzy orange” and more “modern tight orange”). roll that presence back and it gets much more vintage-y and reminiscent of the or15. with the pedal set cleaner the cool cat fuzz melted into it exactly like the amp. i feel like a few pedals have tried to cop this sound but i feel like a lot sacrifice clarity for that fuzzy woof. not here. don’t skip this one.”  (USA, Feb. 2017)

GEAR USED: Tele through a 2X12 combo which combines Vox & Tweed characteristics. I’m running Weber Alnico Blue & Silver speakers, so keep in mind that my impressions are based on single coils through an amp with strong mids and alnico speakers.

“When I originally signed up for the tour box, I was most excited to try the Flourescent Orange Amp in a Box since I’m a big fan of the classic Matamp / Orange amps of old. I was certainly not disappointed, and I was immediately able to dial in the grunt & heft of those old Oranges. One thing that surprised me when playing the FOAB was that it has plenty of sheen and presence available is you seek more clarity. I often associate the “Orange Sound” with a bold midrange & fast attack with solid lows but not much high end sheen. The FOAB is capable of more chime & presence than my old (sadly sold) Matamp 2X12 combo, for instance, and I think this makes the pedal that much more flexible. Crank the VOLUME pot up around 3:00, roll the MASTER back a bit, and keep the presence around 10:00 or so and you’ve got a thick British voice with the response of the big solid state rectified Orange beasts. Terrific box.”  (USA, Feb. 2017)


Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 6V~18V
Current consumption: 2mA @ 9V
S/N ratio: -70dBm/
Size: 1.5W x 4D x 1.3H inches (excluding protruding parts)
1.9W x 4D x 1.82H inches (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 5.7 oz. (7 oz. with battery)
* Battery not included.