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Pale Green Compressor V1


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The PGC V1 is a limited edition that covers the original range of the 1st edition Pale Green Comp – very transparent limiting/compression with harmonic enhancement…AND it has more range than the first one so you can also cover some mild amp-stye compression sounds. STILL the compressor for people who hate compressors!

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Voltage range 8V-18V.

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BearFoot FX presents the limited edition Version 1 PGC…by popular demand!

See our standard Pale Green Compressor for details, demos and reviews!

Tone Report Weekly (June 17, 2016)

“5 Compressors For People Who Hate Compressors”

by Jamie Wolfert

Comparison Demo (PGC v1, PGC v2, PGC v3 and EGC)

Curtis Kent

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