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Vox-ish in nature, this is sorta like the Honey Bee of the Fuzz world. And…this is the original HIGH GAIN version of the EGDM!

To find the sound for your amp…I start with all knobs full left…turn up the Volume…turn up the Drive…readjust Volume…adjust the Voice control listening to the bass in particular. Then roll up the Treble to taste.

Run it from 8V to 18V.

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It's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Neal Casal ~ “I've got the Emerald Green on my new board and it's
absolutely destroying. What an amazing pedal.”

Brett Kingman ~ “I've just finished a sell-out 18 date tour around the
country. I had 6 dirt boxes, most well known, on my board. The EGDM proved to be the most valuable and often used by far, due to its broad Vox-like
dynamic and ability to clean up with the guitar's volume knob – a technique I use all night during the 3 hour set. I would say the EGDM saw 80% of all the dirt work on my pedalboard. As such, it has rendered itself indispensable. Nice work, fellas.”

British (Vox/Early Marshall tones).  This is both a Voxish emulator for a variety of other amps and also a booster driver for Vox amps. The Distortion and Voice controls are interactive and together will follow the progression of turning up a Vox-type amp through full low cleans up through edgy, driven and full out screamin’ sounds…plenty of gain for the whole range of jobs. And while it can be a flamethrower, it is also dynamically driven by the Volume knob level or even just pick pressure. Once you adjust, it becomes part of your expressive pathway.



Comparison Demo

Mike Hermans

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Jack Fossett

Jack Fossett (with stock Epi Casino)

Mike Hermans


PGS Andy

Mike Ault

San System

Full Throttle Demos

Mike Hermans (Medium to High Gain Shootout)

TONE REPORT ~ September 12, 2014

Excerpt from Article: “FIVE DRIVES FOR TOP BOOST VOX AMPLIFIERS” by Phillip Dodge (Photos by Jacob Meyer)


Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1) GEAR: Silvertone 1484 amp, various guitars

“EGDM…I went into the studio to lay down some tracks. I just brought my board & guitars, knowing that the studio had all the amps I would need. We were looking for a slightly quirky tone, so we opted for the 1484. Theirs is well kept and sounds really, really great. I felt like the EGDM might help us get where we wanted to go, so we hooked it up. And WOW, it took on a whole new life with the 1484. It came across as having much less gain, but in exactly the way I would have wanted! It was so dynamic and everything rang through perfectly. It was just bigger and bolder sounding, with just the right amount of drive. The engineer was sold in about 2 seconds, haha. Seriously, I’m going to pick one of these up. With my Clubman, I’m sure it’ll be perfect. I’m not great with superlatives, but I really, really enjoyed this pedal. It reminded me a lot of the dynamics of the Honey Bee, but with a dirty Vox vibe. Very cool pedal.”  (USA, August 2013)

2) GEAR: Fender Strat/Twin Reverb (clean with a little reverb)

“Emerald Green Distortion Machine: My favorite of the bunch, by only a slim margin over the CAF. This thing packs a lot of volume, especially as you turn the Drive control over 12:00. This is a positive thing though, as I use it to boost my amp to make it feel more “at one” with the amp. From thick and warm clean tones to screaming fuzz ready to rip your head off, this thing can do all and in between. Even with the grit cranked, the dynamics are so good that one can clean up the signal simply by picking softly. I am a big fan of dynamics as I use them to fully express what I’m trying to. This thing is a fuzz for sure, but if someone only used it for the fuzziness, they’d be missing out on just what makes this thing so special. I must own!!!!!!!!!!”  (USA, August 2013)

3) GEAR: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Matchless 30/15 and Victoria Regal 2 amps

“EGDM is a very versatile pedal. The gain knob has a lot of range and at it’s lowest setting can be played without any breakup at full volume on the guitar. Touch sensitivity and envelope characteristics are very important to me in any overdrive or distortion pedal and this pedal certainly pleases me in this department. I know a low gain version of this circuit is being made as well but I honestly do not think there is any need for it. Conversely, at high gain settings, it is more than enough for most hard rock and sounded great being stacked into my Tim pedal for even more gain.

The treble knob is extremely useful for tailoring the sound for different guitars and amps. I love this feature for dialing in my sound while recording. Overall, this is the most versatile pedal of the bunch. I own a BJFE EGDM and can say with certainty that the Bearfoot version sounds just as good…”  (USA, September 2013)

4)  GEAR: ES-333, ’60s Tribute,  and parts-caster into a Marshall “Bluesbreaker” 1962RI (retubed with KT-66s) and a DRRI

Emerald Green Distortion Machine (EGDM)…This was far and away my favorite pedal in the TourBox! The pedal had a pretty wide range of tones, from a light gritty overdrive to an almost full-out fuzz. Having done absolutely NO research on this pedal before playing it, the two V controls threw me for a bit of a loop at first. As you can hear in the video I thought they were two volume controls which was a bit confusing… and I only found out after demo-ing that one of them is a “Voice” control (which makes perfect sense when you think about it, but I completely missed it …)

The voice control really changes the characteristics of the pedal which I discovered later on! I got kind of a hot-rodded JCM800 tone out of it, which was pretty impressive to me at bedroom volumes. With the gain knob close to max it sounded a bit like a bright Big Muff to me. There was lots of presence throughout the dial which I enjoy. The HBOD was nice but dark and I prefer brighter overdrives and distortions. The mids on this pedal were pronounced and clear (not “mushy” at all).

If I could somehow keep a pedal out of this TourBox this would be the one! I am adding it to my GAS list for sure…”  (Canada, December 2013)

5) GEAR: 2013 Fender American Strat with Lollar Blonde Pickups, 1980s Greco Les Paul…Tube Rectified Traynor Bassmaster head (Bassman/JTM 45 style head running 7027s)…2 x12 matching cab loaded with an Alnico Weber Blue and Silver

Emerald Green Distortion Machine (EGDM)…I knew nothing about this pedal going in but I really liked it. It is a distortion pedal but with shades of fuzz. The ‘voice’ knob really lets you tailor the amount of fuzz or articulation you want and offers a wide range of tones.

With humbuckers I was getting some great hot rod marshall and higher gain sounds but without sounding like a mush box. I was having a great time doing some old Van Halen and other heavier stuff even though this isn’t really my usual style. I had such a great time I ended up writing a new little riff. To me, that is the ultimate compliment; when something frees you and inspires you to just get in the moment and play.

With single coils I was getting some great rock tones and ran through a version of Max Webster’s “Check.” With my low output single coils in my Strat, this pedal really sounded like a (much improved) SD-1 hitting a cranked up amp. I loved this sound and, again, got kind of lost in the fun of playing.

This pedal offers a ton of tones on tap, and all of them are nice. Sad to see this one go.”  (Canada, January 2014)

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