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Candy Apple Fuzz SILVER (Silicon)


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The Silicon CAF…ripping, roaring and (almost!) outta control!

Silver = Silicon and Gold = Germanium…take your pick!

The Candy Apple Fuzz is one of Bjorn’s first BJFe circuits (along with the BBOD and DRD). It was made to cover the nastier side of vintage fuzzes and it does just that and more. Over the years, the one recurring request was to make it a bit smoother and more musically manageable. When it came time for the BearFoot version, he did just that by adding a Treble control to reign in the rasp as needed…and he also adjusted the circuit to
germanium transistors, which are smoother and more musical to most ears. BUT silicon has its own musicality and many just like the full on
unruliness and extra rip of silicon, so now you have a choice as we introduce the original silicon formula CAF.

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Lance Seymour – Candy Apple Fuzz Comparison

Mike Hermans

Burgs (Short, silent film)

Burgs (Full-length talkie)

Mike Hermans (CAF Comparison Video)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  ’77 Les Paul Custom with a Harmonic Design Z-90 pickup in the Neck and the original T-Top humbucker in the bridge…1964 Ampeg Mercury M12-A amp (18 watts, 1 – 12” Alnico speaker)

CAF Gold & Silver: The Candy Apple Fuzzes both reminded me of a Fuzz Face with some extra gain and a lot of volume available. Almost a FF crossed with a Muff at the higher gain end of things. The tone knob has a straightforward high-cut feel to it. The bias knob, though not extreme like in a Fuzz Factory’s, has a good range to it and yields a good bit of variety through rip/tear fuzz into a ring mod vibe. I tried and tried but couldn’t really dial in a straight up octave thing like others had found, perhaps its gear related on my end?

The volume knob cleanup is not really as apparent and dramatic on the CAFs as it was on the PPF and EGDM, but I don’t think that’s the point of the CAF either. If you want FUZZ and you want it ON, then this is probably the one you will gravitate towards.

The difference between Gold and Silver is a perfect example of what people talk about when they talk about all the differences between germanium and silicon in a fuzz pedal. The silicon has a more sharp, aggressive, intense, etc. vibe to it for sure. More in-your-face than the germanium, less grit than the germanium too. But that’s pretty much the only difference between the Gold and Silver. The N knob has the same range and tones available in pretty much the same place on the dial and the amount of fuzz and volume available also seems to be the same…

Really liked how much of a ring-mod thing you can get happening on these when you find the spot…kind of loved it.”  (USA, October 2013)

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