Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  For all pedal/t-shirt orders within the USA, shipping is FREE. For ALL international pedal orders, shipping is now $35 per order.
All t-shirts are available to USA customers and include FREE shipping. International customers may purchase t-shirts with any pedal order ONLY.

Q:  Are any countries excluded from purchasing your products?
A:  We are unable to accept DIRECT ORDERS from Germany, Italy, and Sweden for BearFoot FX pedals ONLY. We ARE able to ship BJFe pedals worldwide!

Q:  If I live in one of the excluded countries, can I still buy your products?
A:  Please check our Dealers page! Many of them do ship to your country.

Q:  Why would I want to run my BearFoot pedal at a voltage other than 9V?
A:  A change in voltage can alter the profile of the pedal’s tone, distortion and headroom to maximum benefit for your tonal needs.

Q:  How can I safely alter the voltage range of my BearFoot pedal from the standard 9V?
A:  Below is a list of BearFoot pedals and their voltage ranges for safe operation. To avoid damage, stick to these voltage ranges!

Arctic White Fuzz (AWF): 9V-18V
Baby Pink Booster (BPB): 8V-18V
BlueBerry Bass Overdrive (3BOD): 5V-15V
Bone Bender MKI Fuzz (BB1):  3V-12V
Burgundy BossHorn Fuzz (BBHF): 8V-18V
Candy Apple Fuzz (CAF)…ALL MODELS: 8V-18V
Dyna Red Distortion (DRD)…ALL MODELS: 5V-15V
Emerald Green Distortion Machine (EGDM): 8V-18V
Emerald Green Overdrive (EGOD): 8V-18V
Ever Green Compressor (EGC): 8V-18V
Honey Bee Overdrive (HBOD): 5V-15V
Honey Beest (HBST): 5V-15V
Little Red Trebler (LRT): 9V
Mint Green Mini Vibe (MGMV): 8V-18V
Model G (MG): 5V-15V
Model H (MH): 8V-12V
Pale Green Compressor (PGC): 8V-18V
Pink Purple Fuzz (PPF): 8V-18V
Red Rooster Booster (RRB): 8V-18V
Sea Blue EQ (SBEQ): 9V-18V
Silver Bee Overdrive (SBOD): 5v-15v
Sparkling Yellow Overdrive (SYOD): 5V-15V
Über Bee Overdrive (ÜBOD): 5V-15V

Q:  What is the current draw for BearFoot FX pedals?
A:  All BJFe designs are under 10ma, while most are approximately 3ma.

Q:  Why do BearFoot FX pedals look the way they do?
A:  BearFoot FX pedals are designed inside and out to retain the unique look, feel and sound performance of the original BJFe line.

Q:  Why do you hand-paint the lettering onto the pedals?
A:  We don’t! The lettering is professionally silk-screened onto each hand-painted pedal. Eva Juhl hand-paints the lettering onto each BJFe pedal. We took her writing samples and created ‘Evafont’ to retain the BJFe look for BearFoot FX.

Q:  Do you sell knobs and/or bare back plates for your pedals?
A:  No. We custom order the knobs we use and do not sell them separately. As for bare back plates, you can order as many as you like from Small Bear Electronics.

Q:  Do I need to clean the footswitch on my pedal? If so, how do I do it?
A:  Here’s a YouTube video that will explain everything to you!

Q:  How can I tell which BearFoot FX fuzz pedal is best for ME?
A:  If you’re like me, you’ll have more than one “best”…but here’s a great comparison demo by Mike Hermans to help you decide!