About BearFoot FX

“Better Than Amp-Like!”


The Trinity of Tone
Compression – Distortion – Equalization

BearFoot FX balances these three elements of great tone. 

Every BearFoot circuit centers around expertly combining
these essentials to capture the most natural

tones in recorded and live music production.

Consult our Pedal Stackers’ Guide article to learn more
about mixing up your own perfect tones.

BearFoot Guitar Effects are handmade by Don Rusk in St. Louis, MO. USA.



BearFoot FX has built a reputation for building the most “amp-like” guitar effects around.

Our pedals not only sound, but feel and perform like the amp features they emulate. 

BearFoot FX pedals reproduce the sounds of your favorite recorded amps and they do it at any volume through any clean amp.


Honey Bee: Early U.S. small combos like Valco, Supro, etc.

Honey Beest: Honey Bee with preamp boost for greater gain situations

Über Bee: Honey Bee expanded for more or less dirt and wider EQ

Silver Bee:  Silverface spit and Silvertone snarl

Sparkling Yellow: Early Tweed/Blonde/Plexi

Model G+: Early Gibson amps

Dyna Red Distortion: Early Marshall (pre-JCM800)

Emerald Green Distortion Machine and OD: Vox/Marshall

Model H: Hiwatt

Sea Blue EQ: Warm, tube-like “Neve in a box” equalization

Pale Green Comp: The perfect emulation of Voxish amp/speaker compression  

Mint Green Minivibe: A unique 3D trem/vibe modulation that works great with bass and acoustics, too

Little Red Trebler: Bright switch on a dial

Red Rooster Booster: Top boost

…and Fuzztones that stack wonderfully into amp tones:

Arctic White: Vintage-y Fuzz Face/Bender tones EQ’d to work in a band mix and roll off with guitar volume

Pink Purple: Versatile hybrid fuzz that spans OD and distortion tones, also

Candy Apple Fuzz: Germanium fuzz with gating and ring mod, and an Octave that works with the whole neck

Candiru Fuzz: Silicon bite with more gating than the Candy Apple

Yes, you can stomp through your collection of the most musical amp tones ever made and even the best compression, EQ, and modulation in exactly the amounts you need to sound like…YOU! That’s better than amp-like.


All BearFoot products are handmade by Don Rusk in St. Louis, Missouri USA.


The Finest in Handmade Amp-Like Guitar Effects”