About One Control


One Control strives to make products that allow musicians to create their own unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control‘s main focus is on guitar pedal switchers, although we’ve recently introduced an entire collection of pedals designed by BJF! Who is BJF? BJF is Björn Juhl, the same effects pedal designer who is best known for BearFoot FX and Mad Professor designs, and for his own legendary brand BJFe. Now you can own a Björn Juhl-designed quality product that has great tone, but uses little real estate on your board. One Control currently offers 21 unique pedals that were designed by BJF (One Control BJF Series FX), and can now be purchased in the USA at BearFoot FX along with some of our other products.

One Control has a full line of switchers that range from a one-channel true bypass looper all the way to a 10-channel programmable switcher with MIDI capabilities. Whether you have a large, complicated pedalboard or just a few pedals, One Control has products that can make using your effect pedals much easier.

With most loop switchers on the market, guitarists would have to use a separate power supply to power your pedals, but One Control has made the innovation of combining a multi-power supply and an effect loop switcher into one product with products like the Iguana and Xenagama. Thus, your pedalboard will be less crowded and will work more efficiently.

One Control also has created the Mosquite Blender, which allows you to chose the amount of saturation your effect has on your tone. We have also recently incorporated our highly-acclaimed BJF Buffer circuit into the Mosquite Blender and the Mosquite Blender Expressio as well.

In addition to switchers, One Control also produces an extremely compact power supply with 9 outputs called the Micro Distro. This high quality, compact power supply can fit virtually anywhere on a pedalboard. One Control products allow players to fine-tune their pedalboard in a way no other brand can.

Before starting the company, One Control’s founder had already spent years working in the pedal industry. His experience is not only from using pedals himself, but also from assisting a large group of professional musicians with their pedalboards. After researching the industry extensively and receiving extremely useful feedback from several professional musicians, he set out to create products that not only are high quality but also within reach of the musician. The brand quickly gained popularity in Japan and still increases in popularity not only in Japan but also around the world.

As One Control continues to gain popularity, we continue to listen closely to our customers and respond by making products based on customer feedback and the combined decades of experience that the One Control staff has.