• Hey, Hey! The Gang's All Here!
  • Mini Greens in 2 speeds!
  • The Legend Continues!
  • You gotta have art...
  • Low Gain Version of our Emerald Green Distortion Machine!
  • Is it Pink? Is it Purple? We don't know...but it's DEFINITELY fuzz!
  • Assorted Limited Editions!
  • The Fearsome Foursome of Fuzzdom!!!
  • Bee all you can Bee!
  • Red Rooster Boosters...3 different flavours, all delicious!
  • Colours you can lick!
  • Über Purrfect
  • Toot your own BossHorn!
  • Latest BearFoot FX Family Group Shot!
  • The addition you never knew you needed and won't want to be without!
  • SYOD 3 is here! Pictured with the 'Americana' Limited Edition!

“Better than Amp-Like!”

BJFe/BearFoot have built a reputation for building the most “amp-like” guitar effects around. Our pedals not only sound, but feel and
perform like the amp features they emulate: the early Tweed/Blonde/Plexi response of the Sparkling Yellows, the warm, tube-like
equalization of the SBEQ, or the perfect emulation of amp/speaker compression from the Pale Green Comp. BearFoot FX pedals reproduce the sounds of your favorite recorded amps and they do it at any volume through any clean amp. Yes, you can stomp through your collection of the most musical amp tones ever made and even the best compression, EQ and modulation in exactly the amounts you need to sound like…YOU! That’s better than amp-like.

All BearFoot products are designed by Bjorn Juhl
& handmade by Donnerbox in St. Louis, Missouri USA.